What's New: 11/1/2022

Confirmation of Mailing

We have released Confirmation of Mailing, which provides evidence that you have mailed a letter to a tenant using the US Postal Service. The evidence provided contains details, dates, and data on when the mail was sent. It is paired with a time-stamped, tamper-evident PDF copy of the mailed document and any relevant supplemental USPS documentation. 

If proof of delivery is not necessary for your use case, Confirmation of Mailing provides a cost effective way to confirm your mail was sent and to have legal backup for auctioning activities. 

Read our article on Confirmation of Mailing for more information.



Phone calls not being tied to a tenant’s profile

We fixed an issue where phone calls were not being tied to a customer's account. We have since resolved this to ensure the tenant's name is listed and the call is attached to their tenant profile. 

Read our article on The Communication Tab for more information on how to track phone calls in your sE account.


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