What's New: 11/15/22

Link to the template used in the Mass Emails historical view

We’ve created a link to view a PDF of a previously sent Mass Email’s template within the FMS. 

📖 Learn more on Mass Email here.

To view which template was used for a mass email, navigate to the Communication tab from within your FMS account. This can be found on the left side navigation bar. 


Next, navigate to the Emails tab from the tabs on the upper right of the screen, then select Mass Email below that. 


From there, you will be able to see a list of previously sent Mass Emails, organized by batch number. To see the historical template of a Mass Email, click the View button found furthest to the right of its line item.



You will be directed to a PDF of the email template that was sent when this batch deployed. 


Print Mail task notification if email fails to send

If you have set up Print Mail for a delinquency stage and selected Send Email first with Letter Backup, you will now see a task notification that lets you know the email failed to send and the letter needs to be printed and mailed. 

📖 Read more about setting up delinquency stages.


⚠️ This does not apply if you use Mail House, as letters would be sent automatically. Learn more about Mail House.


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