What's New: 12/8/22

Delinquency Schedules page updates

  1. We made each Delinquency Schedule name a link to the Edit screen for that Schedule.
  2. We added the date the schedule was last edited under each schedule name.
  3. We moved the facility count for facilities associated with a Delinquency Schedule to next to the schedule name to make it clear how many facilities are using the schedule.
  4. We replaced the Edit button with a pencil icon. Please note: The functionality of the button has not changed.
  5. We added an option to delete unused delinquency schedules. You can find the Delete Schedule button by clicking the ellipses icon for a Delinquency Schedule set. Please note: The schedule cannot have any facilities associated with it in order to delete the schedule.


Lead Notifications entries

We resolved an issue that was preventing the Lead Notifications page from displaying new entries in some cases.


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