Setting Up Auction Manager

Your software gives you a simple and efficient way to manage your delinquent tenants who have reached auction status in their delinquency. There are several steps to the auction management process in storEDGE. This article will outline how to set up the auction manager. After you're set up, you can learn about how to use the auction manager from our help site.

Activate Auction Manager

Your auction manager is activated once you add Schedule Auction as a resulting action of one of your delinquency schedules. 

1. From the Corporate Level of your software, go to your Settings Tab and select Current Schedules under the Delinquency heading.

2. Click the Edit icon for the existing schedule you’d like to add Auction Manager to or Add new schedule to create a new one. 

3. Click Add new stage.

4. A panel will open on the right side of your screen. Enter the description of the new delinquency stage. We suggest using Schedule Auction or something similar to make it easy to recognize. Add the number of days overdue that corresponds with your facility’s policy of auctioning a unit. Click Add Action and select Schedule Auction.

Ensure that you select Schedule auction as your resulting action. Selecting Auction will not import your tenants to the auction manager.

5. Click Save

Set up auction notices

You can set your software to generate auction notices automatically when a unit is added to an auction. You can manually print the notice or set your software to automatically email the notice. If you are using mail house, you can set your software to automatically send the notice through postal mail for you.

To set up your software to generate automatic auction notices, access your Delinquency Schedules. Create a new stage. Enter your description (we suggest “Send auction notice”), and set the date to 0 days past previous action. For the previous action, select Schedule auction. Then, select Send auction notice from the resulting action dropdown and choose which document template to attach. By default, this letter will be generated as a pdf for you to print and manually send, but you may choose to select the Email tenant checkbox for automatic emailing. You can learn more about setting up your auction notice and lien letter documents by viewing our documents and emails help article.


Set up auction fees

To set up auction fees to be applied, access your Billing Settings and scroll down to the Auctions section. Here, you’ll have the option to set your auction commission and select an auction fee. For more information about fees, check out our fees and services help article.


To set up the tax rate for your auction, access the Settings tab. Under the Billing heading, select Tax Rates. Here, you can add a new tax rate for your auction. Refer to your state auction and lien laws to determine your state’s auction tax rate.



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