Credit Card and ACH Processes and Processors

Merchant Accounts

In order to process credit card or ACH payments, you must have a merchant account with a credit card processing company. If you don't currently have a merchant account, storEDGE will assist you in signing up with one of the companies we integrate with. storEDGE integrates with the following credit card processors:

  • Payments by storEDGE
  • OpenEdge fka PayPros*
  • Paya Merchant Services fka Sage Merchant Services (brokered by SBOA a Storable company)
  • Transfirst Merchant Services (brokered by Select Merchant Solutions aka SMS a Storable company)

Once you have a merchant account setup with one of the above processors, storEDGE will obtain the appropriate API credentials from the processor and assign them to your account. After this is completed you may now process credit cards (and ACH payments if you've enrolled in ACH processing via your merchant account application) in your storEDGE account.

PCI Compliance

In order to ensure PCI compliance, storEDGE does not store credit card or bank account information. When credit card or bank account information is entered in a tenant's account in storEDGE, that information is encrypted, sent to the credit card processing company and stored with the credit card processing company. The credit card processing company then returns either an accepted or declined message to storEDGE. storEDGE records that message and displays the last 4 digits of the credit card or bank account for reference.


Charges to Overseas Billing Addresses

Some renters, like military members, may have an overseas billing address (AKA APO). You will need to process these payments directly in your payment provider's virtual terminal. These payments will need to be posted as cash or check in storEDGE. You may want to set up automatic payments for tenants with overseas billing addresses in your payment provider's terminal. However, you will still need to post these payments to storEDGE manually.


*storEDGE may apply a monthly fee to use this processor.



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