Wait Listed Leads

Occasionally a potential renter will be interested in a unit size that is not yet available. storEDGE offers the Wait List functionality to record the potential renter’s information and interest in the unit group and then notify you when a unit in the unit group becomes available.

To add a potential renter to the Wait List, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Tenant button in the black navigation bar.
  2. Complete the Tenant Information section as normal.
  3. In the Rental Information section, change the status filter to Waitlist.
  4. Click the unit group the renter is interested in. A message saying, “There are no available units for this group. A wait list lead will be created” will appear.
  5. Enter the desired move in date for the renter and apply any promotions or adjust the rent rate as needed.
  6. Click the Save Lead button.
  7. In the Leads section, the renter will be listed with a grey Wait List label.
  8. Once a unit becomes available in the group the renter requested, you will be notified via the Task List. Clicking on the Wait List task list item will take you to the Leads page where you’ll see the grey wait list label has turned green indicating a unit is available.
  9. Click the Open button to assign a unit to the renter and either reserve the unit or complete the move in.


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