Document Versioning

Because your lease may change regularly or from time to time, your software logs current and past versions of documents throughout the system. This helps ensure your latest lease is in use and helps you keep track which version of your facility's lease is attached to each of your tenant accounts. You can keep track of document versions in your Corporate level Settings > Letters or Emails settings or your Facility Level Settings > Documents and Emails.

Viewing lease versions in document settings

When you view your custom templates, you'll see a Last Updated column that includes a hyperlink titled Version History for each document template you have saved.


You can see the document's history by clicking Version History.



Viewing lease version details from a tenant's page

You can see which version of a lease your tenant signed at move-in by accessing the Documents tab of their tenant page. Find their Lease Agreement, and you'll see details about what lease version they have signed beneath the document name.


Updating lease versions

When a newer lease version is available, you can update your tenant to the newer version by selecting the Update Document button to the far right of your tenant's Lease Agreement. A window will open that will give you the option of sending the lease agreement by email or printing the document. Choose print or email, and click Update.


You'll see a notice that your document has updated. If you chose Print, you'll have the option to view the new version of the lease here.

Once a tenant lease has been updated to the newest version, you can view both the current version and earlier versions of the tenant's lease by clicking the arrow to the left of the lease agreement line item to expand window and view details. You'll also be able to send the document to your tenant via email from here.


Viewing lease version details for your tenants from Reports

You can see which version of your facility's lease each of your tenants has attached to their tenant files by running the Lease Versions report. It will list each of your tenants along with their account number, unit number, address, and lease version. You'll find this report listed in your Occupancy Reports.


Your lease versioning report is a useful way to determine which of your customers need the newest version of your facility's lease applied to their accounts.


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