Certificate of Mailing

A Certificate of Mailing is an economical method of gaining evidence that your postal mail was presented to the USPS for mailing. It is a more cost-saving method than Certified Mail and is easy to generate within your software. If you would like to generate a Certificate of Mailing to keep record of your print mail and lien, pre-lien, and auctions notices, there are several parts to this feature that incorporate other sections of your software. This article will instruct you on:

Updating delinquency stages

For more information on Delinquency, check out our article on Corporate Delinquency.

In order to generate a Certificate of Mailing, you must update your delinquency stages to include a Certificate of Mailing as part of the document generating process. This option is available for Send Auction Notice, Send Lien Notice, Send Pre-Lien Notice, and Print Mail actions.

To do so, access your delinquency stages and click Edit next to the stage that triggers your lien, pre-lien, or auction notices.


Check the box next to Certificate of mailing and then click Save.


Generating a Certificate of Mailing

Batch your delinquency notices as your normally would for your past due tenants. When the batch is generated, the batch type will be labeled as Certificate of Mailing. Your Certificate of Mailing will be generated and available to print in the batch. To print your Certificate of Mailing, select the batch that you have generated.


From here, you can print view or print your Certificate of Mailing by selecting the USPS button.


When you print your documents, they will print in the same order that they are listed in the Certificate of Mailing.


The last step is to present your documents and Certificate of Mailing at the post office to be sent. They will stamp your Certificate of Mailing as receipt of your mail.



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