What's New: 1/17/23

Confirmation of mailing receipt

We resolved an issue that was preventing Confirmation of Mailing receipts from being generated.


Websites: Featured blog images

If you use the blog feature for your Storable website, you can now add a featured image to your blog posts. The featured image will appear at the top of the blog post and next to the post on the blog list page.

When creating or editing a blog post, you can add a featured image by clicking Upload Image to select an image from your computer or Select from Gallery to choose an image you have already uploaded to your media gallery.


Once you have selected an image, add Alt Text and Title Text for the image.


When you publish the blog post, the featured image will be displayed at the top of the blog post on your website:


It will also be shown in the list of your blog posts:blog-list-page.png


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