What's New: 3/14/23

Custom Account Code descriptions

We resolved an issue that was causing internal Account Code descriptions to be shown in Corporate Software Settings when custom defined Account Code descriptions were set and should be shown instead. 

Stored Vehicle information

We’ve made Stored Vehicle information available to 3rd party API integrators.

What’s New button

Our What’s New announcements will be located in the Resource Center going forward. While we complete this transition, the What’s New button that is accessed by clicking your user profile button, will link to our Resource Center Announcements section. 

Task to print delinquency notices when email fails

We moved the notifications you get when Send Email first with Letter backup is enabled for Pre-Lien, Lien, or Auction Notice stages and an email to a tenant fails, to the Print Mail section of the Task List

Please note: This change does not apply to Mail House users.


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