Rent Roll Report

The Rent Roll is the list of active tenants at your facility and their key financial information. It includes the unit(s) they are renting, their move-in date, paid-through date, rent rate, security deposit, and current amounts due or prepayment balances.

Tenant: The first and last name of the person occupying the unit. If the tenant type is Business, then the business name will be displayed followed by the first and last name of the tenant.

Start: The move-in date for the unit. 

Rent Rate: The monthly rate the tenant is paying for the unit. The rent rate listed does not include discounts unless the discount is a Rate Modification discount. For more information on Rate Modification discounts, see our Rental Promotions help article.

Deposit: The paid security deposit amount. Unpaid security deposits are reflected in the Fees Due amount.

Other Due: Rent, Insurance, and Fee balances have their own columns in the report so any other unpaid item you charge the tenant for will be included in the Other Due column. This may include Miscellaneous items or Retail items. Additionally, any credit balances will be included in this column.

Past: The consecutive number of days since the unit had a $0 balance or exceeds the custom delinquency balance. For more information on setting a custom delinquency balance, see the Delinquency Settings portion of the Setting Up Delinquency Stages help article.



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