Facility Ledger Report

Similar to the tenant's ledger, but for the entire facility, the Facility Ledger is a view of every invoice, refund, credit, void, and payment transaction for the facility for the time period selected. It displays when the transaction was processed, which tenant was involved, what the transaction was for, and the amount of the transaction.

Date: The date and time the transaction was processed

Ref: For invoices, the invoice number; for payments, the payment transaction ID

Tenant: The first and last name of the tenant associated with the transaction. Misc or retail transactions may not have a tenant associated with them.

Unit: The unit number associated with the transaction. Misc or retail transactions may not have a unit associated with them.

Type: For invoices, this will be either Rent, Fee, Insurance, Service, or Misc. For payments, this will be either cash, check (with the check number), money order (with the money order number), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover (with the last 4 digits of the credit card number).

Description: The items that were billed or paid. For example, if rent was billed, it would say "Rent" along with the unit number, size, and service period. 

Amount: The amount billed or paid. When tax is billed, it is displayed in this report as included in the amount for the item to which it is applied. When tax is paid, it is displayed on its own line item but the line item description is the same as the item billed. Storable is working on improving the way tax is displayed in this report.


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