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How do I enable Auto-Protect? (Storable Insurance)

⚠️ Auto-Protect is available only for facilities that use Storable Insurance (Storsmart or Bader) as their insurance provider. Read more about Auto-Protect. 

Enabling Auto-Protect takes just a few steps:

  1. Exclude unit types that you don’t want insured.
  2. Enable insurance document templates.
  3. Enable Auto-Protect settings.

Exclude unit types from insurance

Excluding a unit type from your store insurance prevents you from selling coverage for units that you don’t want or need to be insured, like a unit that isn’t covered by your insurance policy. Once you've configured your software settings to exclude a unit type from store insurance, insurance won’t be offered for that unit type in your software or through online move-ins. Additionally, Auto-Protect will not enroll tenants in store insurance when their rental is an excluded unit type.

To exclude a unit type from insurance:

  1. Navigate to your Unit Types settings on the Software Settings tab of the Corporate section of your software.
  2. Click Edit next to the unit type you'd like to exclude.edit_types.png

  3. On the next screen, check the box next to Do not allow store insurance on this Unit Type.
  4. Click Save.

Enable insurance document templates

When storEDGE enrolls a tenant into your store insurance plan, your tenant will receive an email with links to their brochure and Certificate of Insurance. Our team will ensure these links are populated appropriately for you or work with you to ensure the correct information is added. You’ll find the fields for the brochure and certificate links in your Corporate Insurance settings.


Auto Enroll Insurance Agreement: You’ll find this template in your Corporate Letters settings. The insurance agreement will be automatically enabled and added to your document sets. It will populate at move-in and includes an e-sign bracket replacement to allow you to electronically capture a signature. Tenants will need to sign this document at move-in by e-sign. Alternatively, you can print the insurance agreement and have the tenant physically sign it in your office.

This document is system-generated and cannot be edited because it contains language approved by the Storsmart/Bader legal team.


Your tenants will receive three emails after signing the insurance agreement at move-in if they haven’t purchased your store insurance with a link to our portal where they can submit proof of private insurance. You’ll find these templates in your Corporate Emails settings. These templates are system-generated and can’t be edited, but are pre-populated with document bracket replacements that will ensure details like your facility name and tenant information displays correctly.

Auto Enroll Insurance Initial: This email will be sent to your tenant at move-in to remind them that they’ll need to provide proof of private insurance or be enrolled in your store insurance.
sE AP email 1.png

Auto Enroll Insurance Reminder: This email will be sent to your tenant 7 days before your grace period ends. It serves to remind your tenants that they have 7 more days to provide proof of private insurance before being enrolled in your store insurance policy.
sE AP email 2.png

Enrollment into Storable Insurance: This email will be sent to your tenant (if they failed to provide proof of coverage within the grace period) after storEDGE has enrolled them in your store insurance. It provides them with details about their enrollment, monthly premium, and links to a brochure and Certificate of Insurance. These links provide your tenant with information about the insurance plan in which they’re being enrolled.
sE AP email 3.png

Enable Auto-Protect settings

To enable Auto-Protect, you’ll need to enable the settings that control the functionality and ensure  the certificate and brochure links have been added. The certificate and brochure links will  provide insurance documentation to tenants when storEDGE enrolls them in your store insurance. 

To enable Auto-Protect:

1. Navigate to your Corporate Insurance settings.

2. Click the Settings tab.

3. Next to Private Insurance: Failure to show proof of private insurance within a grace period will auto enroll new tenants in Facility insurance, select Yes.

4. Expand the facility list and check the boxes next to the facilities for which you’d like to enable Auto-Protect.

5. Click Save.



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