Saving Payments and Autopay

Your storEDGE software has the ability to save Debit/Credit and ACH/eCheck payments information for future use. These payment methods are eligible for automatic billing.

This can be done both during and after the move-in process:

At Move-In

1. In the Review step of the move-in process, check the box next to Enroll tenant in autopay and select a day in the service period for payments to be processed.


2. Continue with the move-in process.

3. n the Payment step of move-in, the payment methods will be limited to Credit, Debit, and ACH. The payment method the tenant uses will be used for their monthly auto payments.

After Move-In

You can save a payment method for future use after the move-in process either while processing a payment or by going to the tenant’s Payment Methods tab.

When Processing a Payment

1. On the Nav Bar, click Payment. A popup window will appear.


2. Begin typing the tenant’s name into the field and click on the name when it appears in the dropdown list.

3. The Payment window will appear. Under Select New Payment Method, click the button next to Card Reader, Debit/Credit, or ACH/eCheck.

Check the Save for future use box if you would like to save the payment method on file.


From the Payment Methods Section

1. Go to the Tenants tab and select the tenant. Click on the Payment Methods tab at the top of the screen.


2. If the tenant does not yet have a payment method saved, click New in the upper right hand corner.


3. Use your card reader, or enter in the Debit/Credit or ACH/eCheck information.

You can elect to sign the tenant up for autopay by checking the box beside the unit(s) that will automatically be billed to the card and choosing a date on which the payment will occur from the dropdown menu.


If the tenant’s payment method is already on file and you wish to sign them up for autopay, click Edit next to the payment method.


At the bottom of the screen, check the box next to the units that will be automatically billed from the card and choose a date on which the payments will occur from the dropdown menu.


Click Save when you’re finished.


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