The Past Due Tab

The Past Due Tab is denoted by the alarm clock icon on the left side of your screen. It contains four lists:

  • The default view (Current tab) is a list of all currently occupied units with an unpaid balance more than 1 day old.
  • The Tasks tab allows you to filter tasks associated with currently past due units for a more specific view, and gives you the option to bulk-apply those tasks.
  • The Previous tab is the list of units previously occupied but the tenant moved out with a balance due on the unit.
  • The Auction tab is the list of tenants who have reached the Schedule Auction delinquency stage. It is where you manage the auctioning of units. See the Auction Manager help article for more detailed information.

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At a glance, you’ll be able to see the tenant's name, phone number, email address, number of days delinquent, account balance, last payment, paid through date, delinquency status, and tenant notes.

  • Days Delinquent - The consecutive number of days a tenant has been in delinquency. This will only change when a tenant pays their full balance owed or if advanced delinquency settings for partial payments are enabled.
  • Last Payment - The last time a payment was made (either a full or partial payment).
  • Paid Thru - The end date of the most recent period the tenant has paid for. This date will advance after a full rent payment is made, whether it satisfies the entire balance owed or not. 

Tenants are color coded by status. Tenants listed in red are delinquent tenants. Tenants listed in blue are past due tenants. 

The difference between a past due unit and a delinquent unit is determined by two things.

  1. Delinquency exempt status: If the tenant is delinquency exempt he/she will never be considered delinquent but will be past due if he/she falls behind on rent payments.
  2. Delinquency starts timing: Many storage facilities offer a grace period between the billing day and the day the tenant is considered delinquent. During this grace period tenants are classified as past due rather than delinquent. The delinquency start day defaults to 1 day past the billing date in storEDGE but can be adjusted by editing the Delinquency Stages in your facility settings.

Switch to the Tasks tab to complete delinquency actions based on your delinquency schedule.

Using Filters within the Task Tab

Filter options are located at the top of the screen on the left side. Using the drop-down menus, you can filter by delinquency type (add fee, overlock, send email, etc.) and by status (incomplete, completed, or cancelled).

Delinquency tasks can be completed in one of two ways:

  • Automatically by the system, as set by your facility's delinquency schedule
  • Manually by a storEDGE user

Some tasks, such as gate lockout, are automatically executed and marked as completed. Other tasks, like calling a tenant or applying an overlock, need to be completed by a user.

After applying a specific filter, the results will show tasks that have been completed by the software as Auto completed. Tasks yet to be completed will display a Complete button. Tasks that have been successfully completed will display an Undo Complete button.

To complete a single task:

  1. Click Complete next to a task. A popup window will appear.
  2. The name of the task will be at the top of the window. A blank field labeled Add Note will be available for you to type a note.
  3. Click Complete to complete the task.
  4. The Status column will show a green checkmark indicating the completed action. The tenant's record will be updated to note the date and time the action was completed.

To complete several tasks at once:

  1. Filter the type by a manual action, such as overlock.
  2. Filter the status by Incomplete.
  3. Check boxes will appear next to the tenants' names. Check the boxes for the tenants you need to complete the action for.
  4. Click the Complete # actions button to update the tenant's record with the date and time the action was completed.

To complete Send Lien Notice or Send Auction Notice tasks:

  1. Filter the type by either Send Lien Notice or Send Auction Notice.
  2. Select Update Tenants
  3. A new window will open that will prompt you to set a lien date. Add the lien date you’d like to use and select Process and Create Batch. Screen_Shot_2017-12-14_at_8.44.06_AM.png
  4. Your documents will be populated. Once they’re ready, you’ll see a notification on your screen that the batch is ready. View_batch__1_.png
  5. Click the View Batch link to view and print your notices. You can also view the batch by accessing your Communications tab and accessing the Print Batches tab. view_pdf.png

Undo Complete

Mistakes happen, so the Undo Complete button is available to you to reverse manually completed actions. Clicking the Undo Complete button will open a small window allowing you to add a note explaining why the action needs to be undone before completing the undo action.

Also utilize the Undo Complete button to repopulate letters and notices with updated information. For example, if the Notice of Past Due Rent was generated on Monday but you didn't have a chance to send it out until Friday, printing the document on Friday would normally give you the document with data in it as of Monday. If you click the Complete button, then the Undo Complete button and then the Complete button again, that prompts the system to regenerate the document with data as of Friday.

Printing and Exporting Filtered Results

After filtering your past due tenants, you can print a list of your results. To do so:

  1. Click the print icon on the far right side of the screen.
  2. Select an option to either open and print a PDF or download a CSV or TXT document. A separate window will open with your filtered list.
  3. Print from the new window.


For a report of units by delinquency stage, see the Delinquency Stages report in the Occupancy portion of the Reports section.


Upload files for delinquency stage actions

You can upload a file as part of a delinquency stage action in order to record proof of the action you took. The following file formats are supported: PDF, PNG, JPG, or TIF.

Click the paperclip icon next to a delinquency action.


Click Choose File to select a file from your computer and then click Upload.


You can view the document on the tenant’s profile by clicking the Documents link from the success message.





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