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Closing the Day

Closing the Day in storEDGE is defined as the daily process of reconciling the software’s recorded payments with what you physically have in your cash drawer. Closing the day is an optional function.

To close the day:

  • On the Nav Bar, click the  and a dropdown menu will appear.
  • Click Close Day.
  • You are now in the Close Day section.

Listed under the Receipts header are the payment types followed by the total amount processed through that payment type since the last close of day. Next to each payment type total is a link to a detailed list view. Clicking on these will allow you to view a line item view of all processed transactions.

The Drawer Count section contains fields for each payment type. You will enter your totals in these boxes.

  • Total all cash, checks, and credits from the day.
  • Enter each total into its respective field.

A calculator will automatically display any difference between the software’s recorded amounts and the amounts you have counted and entered. Entering an amount that exactly matches storEDGE’s records will generate a confirmation message.

Feel free to add a note for your records in the Add Note field. A note is required only if there is a difference between the software’s records and the drawer total.

Click the green Close Day

A close of day report will be automatically created in a separate window containing a deposit slip and a line item breakdown of every transaction. You can reprint this report anytime by going to the Reports section and choosing the Close of Day report in the Financial section. It's important to understand that the Close of Day report is the only report in storEDGE that is not based on the calendar day. The Close of Day report has data in it based on the timing of the close of day process. If you complete the close of day process on Monday at 5 pm and then not again until Thursday at 5 pm, the report generated on Thursday at 5 pm will have all of the payments processed between 5pm on Monday and 5 pm on Thursday.


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