The Task List

The Task List contains a list of all of your to-do items. These can be generated by a user or by the system. This means that the system will pull information from your delinquency or other settings for you and add tasks to your list. The tab is located on the right side of your screen.

You can access the task list by clicking the task list icon located on the upper-right side of the screen. This will slide out a panel from the right side of the screen, which is known as your Task List.

The Task List is organized into categories. The first category, My Tasks, is reserved for tasks manually created by a user. To create a new task:

  • Click the blue + button in the upper right corner of the Task List. A pop-up window will appear.
  • Type the tenant or unit information in the tenant or unit field to attach the task to a specific tenant or unit.
  • Select a date to follow up by clicking in the Needs follow up by field.
  • Add any pertinent notes by typing them into the Notes field.
  • Click Save to save the task.

The other categories, and the tasks within them, are generated by the system automatically. Below is a list of the categories and their definitions:

    • Billing: Displays checks that need to be completed for refunds and autopay payments that have failed.
    • Credit cards: Displays a list of tenants whose credit cards on file have either expired or will be expired within the next month.
    • Delinquency: Displays a list of all delinquency actions that must be manually completed. Clicking on a particular action will redirect you to the Past Due Tab filtered by the specified delinquency action.
    • E-sign Needed: Navigates to the Communication tab, where it displays a list of tenants who have been sent signature requests that have not yet completed the e-sign process.
    • Inventory: Displays a list of negative inventory items and inventory items that need to be ordered.
    • Leads And Reservations: Displays a list of any lead follow-up actions to be completed. Checking off the box will close the lead.
    • Print Batches: Displays a list of all batches that must be manually printed. Clicking the checkmark next to a particular batch type marks the task as complete but does not print the batch. 
    • Occupancy: Clicking on Occupancy displays the individual scheduled tasks such as move-ins, move-outs, and transfers.
    • Reviews: Navigates to the Reviews section of the Communication tab, where you can approve and respond to reviews left on your marketing website.
    • Unit Tasks: Displays a checklist of tasks that affect units such as scheduled cleaning and maintenance.

The reason you're not seeing those scheduled move-outs on the task list is that the task list is designed to show you what you have to do today (or in the past if a past event wasn't completed on time). Events scheduled for the future will not appear until their due date. This helps keep you focused on what is needed to do today.

The reason that sometimes you see them even when they are in the future is because the entire list of scheduled move-outs is shown in the task list when one becomes due. For example, say your next scheduled move out is for 5 days from now. On that day when you open the Occupancy section of the task list, you'll see all of your scheduled move-outs not just the one for that day. Once you complete the ones scheduled for that day, the rest will be hidden again until the next scheduled move out date arrives.


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