The Tenants Tab

The Tenants Tab contains a list of all tenants at your facility. It is denoted by a silhouette icon. Click on the icon at the left of your screen to open this list.

The list is grouped into two tabs.

  1. Current Tenants
  2. Previous Tenants

The lists provide phone number, email address, units occupied, rent rates and move in date (or move out date for previous tenants) information about your tenants at a glance.

Clicking on a tenant’s name in either list will open that tenant’s profile - your source for complete tenant details. It contains the tenant's demographic data, all notices and documents sent by the software, a history of all the tenant's activity and tenant notes, the tenant's ledger, and the tenant's current delinquency state. For more detailed information about the tenant profile, see the Tenant Profile help article.

For a complete list of all tenants, see the Tenant Contact List report in the Occupancy portion of the Reports section.



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