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Retail items settings (Facility)

Retail items are any item that your facility sells to either tenants or walk-in customers as a one-time transaction, such as disc locks, boxes, soda, etc. Your facility-level Retail settings allow you to upload retail items to your software, make edits to retail items, and keep track of inventory.

This article will help you become familiar with:

Accessing your Retail items settings

Your software has two sets of Retail items settings. If you have more than one facility, your Corporate retail settings will allow you to edit multiple facilities at once. Your facility-level retail settings section allows you to import multiple retail items via CSV for one facility.

To access your facility’s retail items settings:

  • Click the Settings tab in the lower left of your screen.
  • Under the Billing section, click the Retail Items button. The retail items setting screen will appear.

Adding retail items to your software

To add a list of retail items:

  1. Create a CSV file with 9 columns using a program such as Excel or Google Sheets. Each column header should match the image below, including case sensitivity:

    There are 9 potential data points for each retail item entered in the CSV. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field in the CSV file.
    Column Format for CSV file Example
    Product Code* Text Box - Large
    Item* Text Box - Large 18x18x18
    Quantity Number 10
    Price Number 3.99
    Tax Rate 1 Y or N Y
    Tax Rate 2 Y or N N
    Cost* Number 0.79
    Account Code* Number 4201
    Order Point* Number 2
  2. Click the + Upload CSV button.
  3. Select the tax rates that will be used on the retail items. Having one or both tax rates set to 0% is acceptable, but two tax rates are required. For more information on setting up tax rates, visit the tax rates article.
  4. Click the Choose File button to select the CSV file that is your list of retail items from your computer's hard drive.
  5. Click the Upload button.

Adjusting Retail Items

Adjusting retail items allows you to make changes to the quantity, price, and cost of the item. You will also need to specify a reason for the adjustment and will have the option to add a note concerning the adjustment.

To adjust a retail item:

  1. Click the Adjust button on the line item you wish to adjust. A new screen will appear, allowing you to adjust the quantity, price, and cost per item.
  2. Adjust Qty: Use this field to adjust the inventory for the selected item. This new amount will be added or subtracted from the current quantity.
  3. New Price: Use this field to adjust the retail price of the selected item.
  4. Cost Per Item: Use this field to adjust the wholesale cost of the selected item.
  5. Reason: Choose a reason for the adjustment from the drop-down menu provided. Note that the reason must match the action being applied. For example, if you adjust the quantity by 5, you cannot enter Receive as the reason. If you are making more than one adjustment, choose Other.
  6. Add note: Use this field to add a reason for the adjustment.
  7. Click the Save button to confirm your adjustments.


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