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The Dashboard (Dash) tab

The Dash Tab is the default starting point in your software and is denoted by a “star within a circle” icon. It provides a great at-a-glance view of what’s happening at your facility. The top half of the Dash Tab displays month-to-date information related to leads, tenants, occupancy, and delinquency:

  • Leads: This pie graph will show the number of leads booked month-to-date broken down by source. (Lead source can be selected during the move in process for new rentals.) This graph is a direct reflection of what leads are present in the Leads Tab. To add more lead sources to your account, see the Lead Sources help article.
  • Tenants: This bar graph provides a month-to-date count of move-ins and move-outs. You will find the total number of tenants displayed here, as well as a breakdown of the length of your tenants’ stays.
  • Units: The Units pie graph shows all vacant units by size. Next to the graph you’ll see the total percentage of occupancy. The total amount of occupied, vacant, and reserved units is displayed underneath.
  • Past Due: This section is a summary of the list of units in the Past Due Tab. The pie graph shows up to three categories of information:
    • count of units in good standing
    • count of units past due
    • the count of units that are delinquent

The difference between a past due unit and a delinquent unit is determined by two things.

  1. Is the tenant delinquency exempt? If yes, then the tenant will never be considered delinquent but will be included in the total past due if the tenant falls behind on rent payments.
  2. When does delinquency start? Many storage facilities offer a grace period between the billing day and the day the tenant is considered delinquent. During this grace period tenants are classified as past due rather than delinquent. The delinquency start day defaults to 1 day past the billing date in storEDGE but can be adjusted by editing the Delinquency Stages in your facility settings.

The total percentage of past due units is displayed to the right of the graph, and the breakdown of units past due by time bucket is displayed below the graph.

✅ Hovering the cursor over any part of the above mentioned graphs will produce a pop-up display with more detailed information.


The lower half of the Dash Tab displays lead, unit, phone call, and user activity:

  • Lead Activity: This section displays up to 10 current or historical leads by type. For a complete list of open leads or reservations, click on the Leads icon on the left side of your screen or the All Leads link at the bottom of the list.
  • Unit Activity: This section shows up to 10 recent unit activities including move-ins, transfers, move-outs, scheduled or cancelled occupancy activity, scheduled tasks and rate changes. Click the All Unit Activity link to see a complete list of activities.
  • Phone Activity: If you have a tracked phone number* integrated with your storEDGE software account, the 10 most recent phone calls to that tracked line will be listed here. To see all of the phone calls to your tracked phone number, click the All Phone Calls link at the bottom of the list or click on the Communication icon on the left side of the screen.
  • User Activity: This section displays the 10 most recent user activities including inventory adjustments, close of day, rate change letters, password resets, user notes, and invoice batching. Activities without a user name associated with them are automated actions completed by the software. To see additional user activities, click the All User Activity link at the bottom of the list.

*Additional fees may apply.



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