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Facility Map (Builder)

The facility map builder allows you to build an interactive map of your property. Once you build your map, you can access it in the facility map manager and use it to view unit status, track leads, and complete move-ins, move-outs, and transfers.

This guide is intended to provide insight into:


How to access the facility map builder

  • Click the settings tab on the left side of the screen.
  • In the units menu, click on the facility map button.

How to Build Your Facility Map

Your facility map consists of two main items: units and objects. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a sidebar with units and objects tabs.

The units tab shows a list of your units as well as their status with a colored circle next to the unit name: blue (occupied), green (unoccupied), yellow (reserved), and grey (unrentable). Each unit in the list also includes its unit number, size, standard rate, and amenities.

Add a unit

  • Click on a unit to select it and drag it onto the map. 
  • Click on more than one unit to create a selection. When you drag to the map, all selected units will follow.
  • Hold down shift to select a large batch of units (rather than clicking on each unit individually).

You can also search, filter, and sort your units list:

  • Click the facility search bar to search for a specific unit number. The map will highlight and zoom in on the unit you searched for. Delete your search and click the magnifying glass to return to a standard view of your map. 
  • Click the amenities and size buttons to filter units by amenities and sizes. Check all items you wish to search and click apply when you’re ready to search. Click check all to select all items in the dropdown or clear to remove your selection.
  • You can choose how to organize your unit list. Click sort by unit number to list units in ascending or descending order (arranged by their unit numbers). You also have the option to organize your unit list by walk thru order, which arranges units based on the number set for them on their unit page.
  • De-select the hide added units checkbox to show units in the list that you've added to the map.

Move a unit

Clicking in any open area on the map canvas and dragging your mouse will move the map canvas. Clicking on a unit or object will select the unit or object. Holding down the Ctrl key while clicking several units will select a group of units. Once a unit or group of units is selected, click on it and drag it to its new position.

Tip: Unit/s must be selected prior to being moved. Selected units are indicated by a blue outline.


The objects tab shows a list of objects you can add to your facility map, such as doors, elevators, stairs, and your office. Click on an item and drag it to the map. Objects, unlike units, are scaleable. Once you’ve dragged an object to the map, click on it and drag a corner to resize it.


The floors section is available on both tabs, below the lists of units and objects. This section allows you to add and manage multiple levels of your map. The floor that you’re currently viewing will have a darkened eye icon next to its name. When you hover over a floor name, you’ll see a pencil icon and an x. Click on the pencil icon to rename the floor. Click the x to delete the floor and its contents from the map.


Using your facility map

Using map tools

Along the top of the map, you have several tools to assist you as you build:

  • Click the label tool (T icon) to add labels to your map. Tip: When you are done adding labels, click the label button again to exit the labeling tool.
  • Click and drag your cursor to select several units. Then, click on the group/ungroup tool (picture frame icon) to group the selected units. If you group units together, they will move together every time you move one in the group. Click on the icon again to ungroup the selected units.
  • Click on the delete tool (trashcan icon) to delete a selected unit or group of units.
  • Click on the rotate left and rotate right (circular arrow icons) to rotate a unit or group of units.
  • Click on the show grid tool (grid icon) to view your facility map on a grid. Click on the grid icon again to remove the grid.
  • Click on the center map tool (crosshair icon) to return to the center of the map.
  • You can undo and redo any action by using the undo and redo tool (left and right arrow icons).

Zooming in and out

On the left side of the map, you have zoom options.

  • Press the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. You can also zoom out by clicking a point on the bar and by moving the slider.

Auto-Saving vs. Publishing

As you build your facility map, the builder will not automatically save your progress. Clicking the publish button in the top right corner will save your map and make the map viewable in the facility map manager. The facility map manager always shows the most recently published map.


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