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Generate Ad hoc Documents

Your software gives you the ability to create document templates for a variety of purposes. One of these document types is an ad hoc document. An ad hoc document is a document that requires no action on the part of your tenants, and is not triggered by any action in your software. Your ad hoc documents are used only when you feel the need to communicate something with your tenants. For example, you could use an ad hoc document to inform your tenants you'll be closed for the holidays or will be getting new doors.

To create a custom ad hoc document template, read out article: Creating and editing letter documents.

This article will instruct you how to:

Generate a single ad hoc document

Sending an ad hoc document to a single tenant is simple. First, access the tenant page for the tenant to whom you'd like to send the document. Select the Send Document button at the top of the tenant file.


A list of ad hoc documents that are turned on and eligible to be sent to the tenant will appear. You'll also have the option to either print your document to send yourself or choose Mail House. The Mail House option will only appear if you have this feature turned on for your facility. Next, select the document you'd like to send, and select Send.


Once you've selected Send, you'll receive a confirmation that your document has been generated.


To view your document and print it, select Click here.


You can now print your document to send to your tenant.

Generate a batch of ad hoc documents

To send a document to multiple tenants at once, access your Communication tab and select the Print Batches tab.


You'll see the documents that are eligible to be sent on the next screen. Any ad hoc document that is turned on in your Documents and Emails settings will be populated on the next screen. Select the document you'd like to send and click Send on the far right.


The next screen will allow you to select which tenants will receive your document. You can select your tenants one by one, or select all of them by clicking the box next to Tenant at the top. This will select all tenants on the page. A notification will appear if you have more tenants that appear on the page asking you if you want to select all tenants. When you've selected the tenants to which you'd like to send your document, click Send # Letters.


You'll be asked to confirm that you'd like your documents generated. After confirming, click back into the main screen of the Print Batches tab, find the batch you generated, and click View PDF to print them off. From here, you will see all of your ad hoc documents in one PDF that you can print at once. To view which tenants will receive your letter, click the linked batch number.


Send a batch of ad hoc documents through Mail House

You can generate and send a batch of ad hoc documents to several tenants at once from the Communication tab. Just access the Mail House tab and click Mail a batch.


From the next page, the steps are the same as if you were preparing a batch of documents to print. Just click Send next to the document you’d like to send, select the tenants you’d like to receive the document, and then click Send # letters.

Give users permission to send ad hoc documents

In order to create ad hoc templates in your software, a user's role must be defined to have permission to do so. To give a user permission to create and edit ad hoc documents, access your Corporate Settings, then select Roles.


On the next screen, select the user role to which you'd like to extend ad hoc editing capabilities, or create a new role. Select Edit next to the role you'd like to adjust.


You have several options that pertain to ad hoc documents in your Per-facility permissions:

  • Send Ad Hoc documents to multiple tenants: This allows a user to send ad hoc documents to more than one tenant at a time.
  • Send Ad Hoc documents to single tenants: This allows a user to send an ad hoc document to a single tenant at a time. If you check this box, additional options will appear so you can select which types of ad hoc documents the user can send. 








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