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API (3rd Party Integrations)

An API is an Application Programming Interface. It allows communication between your storEDGE account and various 3rd party programs. To see which third-parties storEDGE works with today, see our software integrations.

API settings

To access your corporate API settings:

  • Click the Corporate button in the upper right of your screen.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Click the API button.


Within API settings you'll find available integrations with various call centers, kiosks, insurance companies, online marketing websites, and other storEDGE products. In order to use any of these integrations, you must have an account with the 3rd party prior to turning on the API. Once you have an account established with the third party, turn on the API and provide the 3rd party with your API Facility ID. Your API Facility ID is located in your Gate Integration setup in the Facility Settings portion of your software account.

Turning on an API

  1. Click on the blue name of the provider (ex. Sparefoot)
  2. Scroll down to the list of facilities in your account. Check the box next to each facility you'd like the 3rd party to access.
  3. Click the Create API Association button.
  4. Email or call the 3rd party to let them know you've activated the API within your storEDGE account. In most cases, they will need to update the account you have with them to accept the data coming through the API.



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