Addressing Failed Autopayments

Setting up tenants on autopay is a good way to avoid missed payments and delinquency. Your software includes an easy way to set up autopay. There are times, however, when a scheduled autopayment fails.

When you have tenants with scheduled autopayments, the system will attempt to run an autopayment the day that it’s scheduled. If it fails, the system will not retry processing the payment and you will need to retry it yourself. However, your software makes it simple for you to investigate why an autopayment failed and retry the payment.

When an autopayment fails, you will receive a notification on your Task List under the Billing heading to alert you of the issue.


Clicking on Autopay Failed Payment will take you to the Autopay section of your Billing tab.


From here, you can see all of your failed autopayments. Under Reason, you’ll see the reason why the payment failed. You can check our resource on credit card error messages to help you determine why the autopay didn’t run correctly.

Retry a payment

To retry a payment, check the box next to the tenant’s name and click Run Payments to retry the autopayment. If you need to change a tenant’s billing address, you can do so by clicking Edit next to the tenant’s name. The window that opens will allow you to swipe a tenant’s card (if they physically come into your facility) or make edits to the tenant’s billing address.

Remove autopay

If a tenant comes in physically or calls you to make a payment and you do so from the Payment button, tenant page, or delinquency tab, ensure that you remove the tenant from the failed autopay tab by checking the box next to their name and clicking the Remove button. This will ensure that they aren’t double charged if you need to run a batch of failed autopayments in the future.


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