Setting Up Storable Access Control

Your gate access system is an important part of your facility’s security. Having a system that not only works efficiently as expected, but also sends you real-time updates through your software, will help you stay informed about a variety of aspects of your business. With Storable Access Control, you'll quickly gain insight on your facility's most popular access times, which of your customers are visiting most often, and other useful information regarding your facility’s access trends.

Once you’ve signed up for Storable Access Control, you can set up your system after your gate control hardware has been installed.

Setting up Storable Access Control

Our Support Team will help you set up the configuration for your Access Control. Please give us a call at 913 954‑4745 after your physical installation is complete; while the gate technician is still on site if possible. This will allow us to work with the technician to resolve any issues with the installation right away. We're available by phone Mon.-Fri. 8am - 8pm EST, and weekends 9am - 6pm EST.

Before you call:

1. Be on site so that we can test your keypads after setup is complete.
2. Find the assembly serial number listed on your cloud node. It should start with 107.
3. Decide what the default access hours for new tenants should be. We will need to set up your default access hours during initial setup.
4. Be sure the cloud node is connected to power and your internet network. We will need to be able to connect to your cloud node to configure it.

Setting up access groups

You’ll need to assign your tenants to an access group for them to have access to your facility. An Access Group is a profile that, when applied to a tenant account, controls which gates and doors they are permitted to access and when they can access them.

When Storable Access Control is installed, all tenants will automatically be assigned to whichever access group is designated as the default group.

To add a new access group, select + New Access Group. To edit an access group, select Edit next to the access group listed.


If you are creating a new access group, enter a name for your group. Then, select the opening and closing hours you’d like to assign to the group. When you’re finished, select Save.


To set an access group as the default, just click Set as default next to the access group you’d like to designate as default. You can change a tenant’s access group by accessing their tenant profile and selecting an access group on their profile’s Gate Access tab.

If you have non-tenants who you’d like to have access to your gate or specific entry and exit points, you can assign them to an access group from the Access Tab. Check out our Access Tab help article to learn more.


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