Editing website admin page settings

Does your marketing website admin look different than the screenshots you see below?
You may not be on our latest platform.

Your storEDGE marketing website comes with custom content, including strategic page titles and meta descriptions, written by our storEDGE website team. If you’d like to make changes to page settings, you can do so from your marketing website's admin. Click the Page Settings gear icon to begin.


Your admin page settings give you the ability to make further adjustments to your website. From your Page Settings in your website admin, you can:

Editing page titles and descriptions

To edit your website’s page titles and meta descriptions, click Page Settings from your Page Settings tab (represented by the gear icon).

To edit your page titles and descriptions, click Page Settings. Click the menu under Page and select the page you’d like to edit. Enter the page title under SEO Page Title and the description under Page Description. Click Save after editing each page title and description.



Editing navigation

To edit your website’s navigation, click Navigation from the Page Settings tab.


Your Navigation Editor enables you to add or remove published pages from navigation. Your navigation includes a search function so you can easily find pages that you’d like to add to your navigation menus.

The menu on the left contains a list of published pages that do not appear in navigation. You can search for pages by using the search bar at the top of the menu. The menu on the right labeled Navigation Tree displays all pages that appear in your site’s navigation in the order they appear.

  • To add a page to your navigation, find the page in the menu on the left and click the button to its left. Doing so will add the page to the top of your navigation tree.

  • To edit the navigation text, hover over the page you added to the navigation menu on the right and click the pencil next to the navigation title. Click Edit, add text to the Name field, and press Enter.

  • To add a dropdown menu, click Group from your left navigation menu. Enter a name for the menu and click Save. The new navigation menu will appear on the right at the top of the list. You can then add pages to that menu by dragging and dropping pages beneath it and slightly to its right.

  • To rearrange navigation, drag and drop pages into position. Click Save when you have each page where you’d like it to appear.


  • To add an external link, click Link from your left navigation menu. Enter a name for a link, add the URL you’d like to link to, and click Save.

Connecting analytics tools

The Analytics tab of your admin page settings allows you to add or view your connected Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager codes. Additionally, you'll find a field to add a Facebook Pixel if you're using Facebook for marketing your self storage business.


You can learn more about connecting your analytics accounts to storEDGE products on our help site. Additionally, check out our guide on adding a Facebook pixel to your website

Managing Redirects

Adding a redirect to a page sends a user to a different location on the web when they navigate to a page from an internal or external hyperlink or from your site’s navigation. For example, if you have one of your facility pages listed in navigation but prefer to redirect website users to another page for reservations, you can redirect the user to that page. Additionally, if you have more than one website, you can redirect a user from one website to a separate website.

The Redirects section of your Page Settings allows you to manage any redirects you want to add to your website. There are two sections for redirects - Primary and Secondary. A Primary redirect is a redirect from your primary domain. If you have a second domain, it will appear under Secondary. You may want to use the Secondary redirect section as well.




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