Accessing your storEDGE marketing website admin

Does your marketing website admin look different than the screenshots you see below?
You may not be on our latest platform.

Your website’s admin is the control panel of your site. This is the behind-the-scenes area where you can make changes to your website’s content. Some users will be able to make changes to their website’s page titles, meta descriptions, and navigation as well. If you’d like this ability, talk to your storEDGE administrator about adjusting your user permissions to allow you access to edit your site’s page settings.

How to log in to your marketing website:

To access your website’s admin, go to your website’s URL and scroll down to the footer of your website. Click the Admin button in the bottom right corner. Enter your storEDGE username and password and click Sign in.

Once you’re signed in to your website’s admin, you’ll see a list of your website’s pages and your admin’s vertical navigation bar on the left of your screen.


Admin navigation

Your admin’s navigation is a vertical column on the left side of your admin’s home screen.


  1. The Home button is represented by four squares. This button takes you to your admin home screen, where you can see a list of the pages on your website.

  2. The Add button is represented by a plus sign within a circle. When selected from admin home, it is used to add a page to your website.* When it is selected from page edit view, it is used to add a pop-up to a page.

  3. The Style Settings button is represented by a palette icon. This section controls your website’s colors for your headings, buttons, and footer.*

  4. The Primary Layout button is represented by a globe icon. This button is used to make changes to your website’s layout.*

  5. The Page Settings button is represented by a gear icon. From this section, you can edit page titles and meta descriptions, edit navigation, and manage page redirects.**

  6. The Blog is represented by the pencil and chat bubble icon. From here, you can edit and publish blog posts.*

*Adding a page, adjusting style settings, and adjusting your website’s primary layout are not accessible to you at this time. If you’d like to make adjustments to these aspects of your website, contact storEDGE and we will assist you.

** The ability to make changes to your page settings is controlled by a user permission. If you’d like permission to edit page settings, please contact and we’ll adjust this permission.

There are additional navigation options in the top horizontal menu bar of your screen.


The eye icon will open the live version of your website in a new tab. The question mark icon will open the storEDGE help site in a new tab, and the dropdown next to your initials allows you to logout of storEDGE.

Page status icons

Each page listed on your website will have a page status icon to help you easily see which pages on your site are live or have unpublished changes.


The checkmark icon next to a page means that the page is live on your website and has no unpublished changes.

The exclamation mark icon next to a page means that the page is live on your website and has changes that have not yet been published.

Page actions

On the right of your admin home screen, you’ll notice that each page on your website has an eye icon and a dropdown menu next to it.


This area gives you several options:

  • View Live: Clicking the eye icon will open the live version of a page.
  • Edit: Clicking Edit will open the editing view of the page and allow you to make changes.
  • Settings: Selecting Settings for a page takes you to its page settings, where you can edit its page title and meta description.*
  • Publish: Selecting Publish will publish any edits to a page that have been saved.*

* The ability to edit page settings and publish changes are controlled by user permissions.



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