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Your Website Settings section is located within your software's Corporate Settings. If you have the appropriate permissions to access website settings, you can click Advanced Settings from the Page Settings tab in your marketing website’s admin to reach this section. Alternatively, access your Corporate Settings and find your website's settings on the Website Settings tab.


There are several website elements you can customize within your website settings:


Your Reviews settings give you the option to automatically approve all reviews left for your facility on your website. You can choose to turn this setting on or off for all facilities, for a facility group, or for an individual facility.



The Categories settings are located under the Units heading. From here, you can define size categories for your units. These categories will be used to sort your units in your website’s units table. You can use the arrows to the right of your categories to change their display order on your website. To add or edit categories, click Edit Categories.

You can make adjustments to current categories or add new ones from here. To add a new category, click New Category at the bottom, name your category, and add your controls. Available controls allow you to include or exclude units by size, type, or amenity.


Adjusting your category settings allows you to determine which of your unit groups appear in which categories on your website. For example, adjusting these settings will help you determine which unit sizes are grouped as Small or Medium. It also allows you to group units with various amenities together, such as climate control or parking spaces.

Units Table

There are a range of settings under the Units Table settings. For each of these settings, you can edit for a single facility on your website, a facility group, or all facilities.

Enable move-ins: This setting will add the Move-in button to the units table on your website’s facility page.

Force move-in only (disable reservations): This setting will disable reservations so that website users can’t make reservations, but can only move into a unit from your website’s facility page.

Display available unit count: This section enables you to show how many units there are available to rent in a unit group. You can set an available unit amount for this number to appear on your website. For example, if you set your display available unit count to 20, your website will display how many units are currently available when there are 20 or fewer units available.

Show unavailable units: This setting allows you to control whether or not unavailable units appear within your units table on the facility page of your website.

Show “Call” button if there are fewer than __ unit(s) remaining: This setting allows you to decide when the Call button appears for a unit on your website. If you enter 5 in this field, the Call button will appear when there are 5 or fewer units available in a unit group.

Hide Pricing/display CALL: This setting disables pricing for all units and displays the Call button for all units.


Your Reservations settings allow you to set Reservation disclaimer text or Reservation confirmation text to display on your website when a website user makes a reservation. You can edit this text for all facilities, for a facility group, or for a single facility. The text you enter here will appear when a website user reserves a unit from your website.


Rental Promotions 

Your Rental Promotions settings allow you to add discount plans to your rentals that will be added to a tenants' ledger. You can add one time promotions or even recurring promotions. You can read more about Rental Promotions on our help site.


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