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Billing Settings (Corporate)

Your Corporate Billing Settings allow you to customize how your software handles a variety of aspects of billing for your company. Taking advantage of these Corporate-level settings ensures that you can control invoice periods, payment requirements, credits, and more all from one place. Additionally, your Corporate Billing Settings allow you to customize settings per facility without having to access each facility individually from your software.

To define settings per facility, just click Facilities under each setting to expand the section and select which facilities you’d like to adjust. Click Save after each adjustment to ensure differing settings for facilities are saved appropriately.

There are nine sections in your billing settings:

Automatically write off bad debt at move-out and auction

Checking the button next to Yes will ensure that bad debt is written off during move-out and auction automatically. Selecting No will require software users at your facility to manually write off bad debt at move-out and auction.

Transfer promotions to new units

Selecting Yes will automatically transfer all recurring promotions on the original unit to the new unit when a tenant transfers units. Promotions that are fixed to a set number of months will not be transferred. Selecting No will require you to manually select promotions at transfer if you want the tenant to continue paying the promotional rate.

Invoice Period

This section allows you to select whether your software generates invoices Monthly (at the same time each month) or by Anniversary.

  • Selecting Monthly billing and then selecting 1st as the billing date of the month would bill each tenant on the first day of the month.
  • Selecting Anniversary will bill each tenant individually on the monthly anniversary of their move-in date.

Require a full second month’s payment at move-in when there are a certain number of days left in the service period

With this setting activated for a facility, you can define how many days left in the month require a tenant to pay an additional month's rent at move-in.

  • If you check Yes and enter 5 and a month has 30 days, any tenant moving into a unit on or after the 26th of that month would be required to pay the full rent for the next month in addition to the prorated amount for what is left of the current month in order to move in.
  • If you select No, tenants will only be required to pay the prorated amount for the days left in the service period.

Payment Order

Your payment order setting allows you to decide which order payments are applied to charges.

  • Fees Before Rent: Applies payments to all unpaid fees, then rent, then services, then insurance.
  • Oldest Charge First: Applies payments to the oldest invoices first no matter what type of charge is on them. If the invoice has multiple items on it, payments will be applied to rent, then services, then insurance.
  • Rent Before Fees: Applies payments to all unpaid rent, then services, then insurance, then fees.

Send Invoices

This setting allows you to select the number of days before rent is due you’d like invoices to be generated and sent to tenants.

Credit Reservation Fee on Move-In

Selecting Yes will credit the tenant's reservation fee towards their rent at move-in.

Limit Merchandise Returns

This section allows you to determine the time frame that you’ll allow merchandise to be returned after the date of purchase.

Limit Reversals on Cash/Check/Money Orders

Selecting Yes allows you to enter a number of days after payment after which you’ll no longer reverse payments that were made with cash, check, or a money order. Selecting No places no limits on payment reversals for cash, checks, or money orders.

Show Product Code with Description in Retail

Select Yes to include product codes with retail item descriptions.

Entrata Export Accounting Method

If you are using Entrata Accounting, select Cash, Accrual, or Both for the account methods you would like included in your Export.

Prevent crediting future rent when ledger has outstanding rent balance

Select Yes to prevent credits on future rent from being created if a tenant's ledger has an outstanding rent balance.

Prevent taking a payment on a ledger that has been moved out

Select Yes to prevent payments from being taken on a tenant's ledger if they have been moved out.


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