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Your software gives you the ability to automatically charge a monthly fee for services your facility offers. Once a service is added to a tenant’s account, the fee for that service will automatically be added to the tenant’s ledger when their monthly invoice is generated.

This guide will provide insight into:

Editing your Corporate Services settings

You can edit or add services to your software by navigating to your Corporate Software Settings and clicking Services under the Billing heading.


All of your facilities will be listed on the next screen. You’ll see which services are already enabled (if any) and any tax rates associated with those services. You can filter this list by facility group, by facilities that offer a particular service, or by state.

To edit services for a facility or for several facilities, check the boxes next to the facilities you’d like to edit and click Edit Services.


From here, you’ll see which services are enabled for the facilities you’ve selected.

Enabling and disabling existing services

You can disable a service from a facility’s offerings by clicking the Disable button next to a service. If you have any services set up that are not currently enabled, you can click the Show Disabled button to reveal them.


Once they’re revealed, you can enable a service by clicking Enable.


Adding and editing services 

To add a new service, select Add new service from the dropdown list under Service Type. If you’d like to make changes to a service, you can select the service you’d like to change from the list.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 12.21.19 PM.png

Service Type

Add the name of the service under New Service Type.


You have three options for adding a rate to your service:

  • Flat fee: You can select $ to enter a flat fee for the service.
  • Rent-based fee: You can base the fee on a tenant’s rate by selecting % and then entering the percentage of the tenant’s rent that you’d like to charge for the service.
    Example: To charge a 5% fee, select % and enter 5. The tenant will be charged a fee that is 5% of their monthly rate for that service.
  • Variable fee: To add a fee that is based on whether a tenant’s rental rate is more or less than a specific amount, click the green plus sign next to the Rate field. Then, add the amount you’d like to charge based on a tenant’s rental rate.


Example: If you want to charge $10 when the tenant’s rental rate is less than $50, but $15 when the tenant’s rental rate is more than $50 but less than $100, you’d enter those amounts in the fields below. Additionally, you can use percentages as variable rates.


Add Requirements

If you would like the service to be automatically applied to move-ins, check the box next to Required at move-in. 


Enter a Description of the service.

Tax Type

Assign a Tax Type if your service is taxable.

Account Code

Select the Account Code you’d like to assign to the service.

Click Update Facilities when you are done to save your changes. Once you’ve added the service, it becomes enabled and will be available to add to a tenant’s ledger.

Giving a user permission to edit services

Only users with Corporate access and the appropriate user permissions will be able to access and edit services. To give a user permission, access Roles in your Corporate Settings and click Edit next to the role you’d like to edit. Under Corporate permissions, check the box next to Manage Services. You’ll find it nested beneath Manage software settings.


Viewing services from the facility level of your software

You can view which services are enabled at your facility from the facility level by accessing your Settings tab and clicking Fees and Services under the Billing heading.


Next, click the Services tab. You’ll see a list of the services enabled at your facility. Any service listed here should be available to add to a tenant’s account at move-in.


You can read more about how services are added and billed on our help site.



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