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Your software includes the ability to automatically generate fees based on what actions you are performing in your software. There are a variety of fee types you can add, and some fee types are hardcoded in your software to aid you in adding fee amounts to documents such as leases and delinquency notices. The ability to edit fees is controlled by software permissions, but any user can view the fees you have setup at your facility from your facility software settings.

This article is intended to provide insight into:

Setting up and editing fees

You can set up or edit fees from your Corporate Software Settings. You’ll find your Fees settings on the Software Settings tab under the Billing heading.


Once you’ve accessed your Fees settings, you’ll see a list of your facilities, along with a list of fees you have enabled for each facility. To edit a facility’s fees, check the box next to the facility and click Edit Fees.


Enabling and disabling existing fees

You can disable a fee from a facility’s offerings by clicking the Disable button next to a service. If you have any services set up that are not currently enabled, you can click the Show Disabled button to reveal them.


Once disabled fees have been revealed, you can enable a fee by clicking Enable.


Adding and editing fees

To add a new fee, select Add new fee from the dropdown list under Fee Type. If you’d like to make changes to a fee, you can select the fee you’d like to edit from the list.


Next, enter your fee type and select Standard or Custom under fee type.

Standard fee

A standard fee is a pre-calculated fee.

  • Flat fee: Select $ to enter a flat fee.

  • Rent-based fee: You can base the fee on a tenant’s rate by selecting % and then entering the percentage of the tenant’s rent that you’d like to charge for the fee.
    Example: To charge a 5% fee, select % and enter 5. The tenant will be charged a fee that is 5% of their monthly rate.

  • Variable fee: To add a fee that is based on whether a tenant’s rental rate is more or less than a specific amount, click the green plus sign next to the Rate field. Then, add the amount you’d like to charge based on a tenant’s rental rate.


Example: If you want to charge $10 when the tenant’s rental rate is less than $50, but $15 when the tenant’s rental rate is more than $50 but less than $100, you’d enter those amounts in the fields below. Additionally, you can use percentages as variable rates.


Custom fee

A custom fee allows your facility employees to use their discretion in the amount they’d like to charge for a fee. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to charge a tenant more or less than other tenants for certain fees. To make your fee a custom fee, you’ll enter a Default and a Maximum.


The amount you add as the Default is the amount that will be pre-populated when you charge the fee. The amount you add as the Maximum is the maximum amount that your software users can charge as the fee.

Example: You might charge a $10 cleaning fee when a tenant moves out, but you’d like the ability to charge more than that to tenants who leave their unit in worse shape than when they moved in. Choosing a custom rate and then entering a maximum will enable you to charge more than the $10 standard, but still ensure that there is still a maximum amount you can charge a tenant.

After you’ve entered the desired Rate to charge for your fee, enter a Description and assign a Tax Type if your fee is taxable. Then, select the Account Code you’d like to assign to the fee. Click Update Facilities when you are done.


Giving a user permission to edit fees

Only users with Corporate access and the appropriate user permissions will be able to access and edit fees. To give a user permission, access Roles in your Corporate Settings and click Edit next to the role you’d like to edit. Under Corporate permissions, check the box next to Manage Fees. You’ll find it nested beneath Manage software settings.

Viewing fees from the facility level of your software

You can view which fees are enabled at your facility by accessing your Settings tab and clicking Fees and Services under the Billing heading.


From the Fees tab, you can see which fees are enabled for your facility. Any fee listed here should be available to add to a tenant’s ledger or to a delinquency stage.


You can click Edit Corporate Fees for a shortcut to the Corporate Fees settings.


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