Editing unit details on your website - for SiteLink users


This guide is intended for marketing website users who use SiteLink as their management software. If you do not use SiteLink as your software provider and you can't find what you're looking for, contact our support team for assistance.

The units table on your website displays information about the units you have available for rent at your facility. The units table displays information about unit groups that have vacant units available, including unit size, amenities, and price. Additionally, information about available discounts for a unit group is displayed.


You can edit your unit details, including pricing and descriptions, from the Unit Management section of SiteLink Corporate Control. Just click Modify Units.


From there, check the boxes next to the units you’d like to edit. Click Edit Selections on the right side of your screen.


The details in this section that will appear on your website are the type of unit, the size, the monthly rate, and the unit features. The left column of features listed are what will appear in the units table on your website as the unit’s description.

Your unit groups are divided into categories by size in your units table to help your prospective customers more easily find the unit size they’re looking for. To determine how the categories are divided, you can adjust the Categories settings in your storEDGE website settings.


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