Adjusting user permissions for your website - for SiteLink users


This guide is intended for marketing website users who use SiteLink as their management software. If you do not use SiteLink as your software provider and you can't find what you're looking for, contact our support team for assistance.

Since your storEDGE marketing website also comes with some of the storEDGE software functionality, there are a variety of permissions you can set up for users at your facility that determine who is able to access which sections of storEDGE and your website admin. The Roles section in the storEDGE Corporate Settings allows you to define permissions for all of your users. Basically, a role is a set of permissions, and you’ll assign each user to a role.

There are two sets of permissions within your Roles section. One set will control how your users are permitted to interact with the software and settings, and the second set will control how your users are permitted to interact with your website admin.


To add a new role, click New Role. To edit and existing role, click Edit next to the role.

The next screen will have a tab for FMS permissions and a tab for storEDGE website permissions. If you’re creating a new role, name the role, check the boxes next to the permissions you’d like to give the role, and click Create Role. If you’re editing a role, make any changes to the check boxes and click Update Role.


When you’re updating a role, you’ll see two tabs for permissions: FMS (Facility Management Software) and storEDGE Website.


FMS permissions

FMS permissions are separated into two categories: Corporate and Per-facility permissions. The Corporate permissions pertain to any settings or activity that takes place in the Corporate section of storEDGE (such as Website Settings and editing roles) and the Per-facility permissions take place within the individual facility sections.

Corporate permissions

  • Manage company settings: This permission gives a user access to Corporate Settings. Without permission to manage company settings, the user cannot make any changes on the Corporate level of storEDGE.
  • Manage website settings: This gives a user the ability to make changes to any of the website settings.
  • Manage website review settings: This permissions gives a user the ability to edit review settings within the Website Settings. Without this permission, the Review settings will be hidden from the user.
  • Manage facility information: This enables a user to make changes to the facility info section.
  • Manage users: This gives a user the ability to create and edit user accounts.
  • Manage user settings: This enables a user to change user settings for all users.
  • Manage roles: This permission enables a user to create and edit roles.

Per-facility permissions

  • Approve, deny, and respond to reviews: This enables a user to approve and deny reviews. Approving a review allows it to appear on your website whereas denying it ensures it doesn’t appear on your website.
  • Receive call notifications and listen to recordings: This permission gives the user access to recordings of phone calls.
  • Edit user name and user email: This permission gives a user the ability to make changes to their own username and email address associated with their account.

Website permissions

You have two sets of website permissions: Basic content editing permissions and Advanced permissions. Your Advanced permissions can only be edited by storEDGE staff due to the sensitive nature of the settings.

You can read about what each of your website permissions controls on our storEDGE Help Center.



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