Managing reviews on your website - for SiteLink users


This guide is intended for marketing website users who use SiteLink as their management software. If you do not use SiteLink as your software provider and you can't find what you're looking for, contact our support team for assistance.

When a customer leaves a review on your website, you have the opportunity to approve or deny the review to control whether or not it is displayed on your website. This functionality is controlled on the facility level of storEDGE.

Reviews Tab

Your Reviews tab is nested within the Communication tab on the facility level of storEDGE. It gives you the opportunity to approve or deny any reviews left on your website. Approving a review displays it on your website, and denying a review ensures that it is not displayed on your website. To approve a review, click the Approve button. To deny the review, click Deny.


On the next screen, you’ll have the opportunity to reply to reviews that are approving. Replies to reviews will also appear on your website.  Enter a reply if you wish and click Approve.


The ability to manage reviews is controlled by a user permission. You can learn more about user permissions on our help site. 


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