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Retail Items Settings (Corporate)

Retail items are items that your facility sells to either tenants or walk-in customers as a one-time transaction. Examples of retail items that many facilities sell include disc locks, boxes, packing materials, and refreshments.

Your software has the ability to help you keep track of your retail inventory and pricing for any item you sell at your facility. Through your Corporate Retail items settings, you can make changes to your retail inventory and pricing for all of your facilities in just a few steps, making handling retail for large companies easier and less time-consuming. 

This guide will assist you in:

Understanding Corporate and facility-level retail items settings

Your Corporate-level Retail Items settings are located under the Billing heading within your Corporate Software Settings. From your Retail items settings, you can add new retail items, make price adjustments, adjust quantities, and make batch updates to multiple facilities at once.


Your Retail items settings page has three tabs:

  • Setup Retail: From here, you can add and edit retail items.
  • Facilities: This tab allows you to add retail items you've previously set up to facilities at your company. You can also see what retail items each facility already carries.
  • Adjust Quantity: From here, you can add or subtract items from your inventory for one facility or multiple facilities.

From your settings, you can make edits to just one facility at a time or multiple facilities as a batch.

Adding and editing retail items

You can add new retail items to your software from the Setup retail tab of your Corporate Retail items settings. Once they've been added, you can easily edit their details in the event of a price change or accounting change.


Adding a retail item

Adding a retail item to your software from your Corporate settings will make that retail item available to add to any facility at your company.

To add a retail item:

  1. From the Setup retail tab, click Add New Retail Item. A new screen will open.
  2. Enter an item description.
  3. Enter a SKU.
  4. Enter the cost of the item.
  5. Enter the suggested retail (price to the tenant).
  6. (Optional) If you’d like the item to be available for sale during online move-ins via the Rental Center, check the box next to Sell in Rental Center and select a retail category for the item.
  7. Click Save.

Editing a retail item

Once retail items have been added to your software, you can make changes to them easily from the Setup retail tab within your Retail items settings. To edit an existing retail item:

  1. Click Edit next to the right of the retail item you’d like to edit. A new screen will open.
  2. Make your changes. You can change the item's description, SKU, cost, or retail price, or make the item available for sale in the Rental Center.
  3. Click Save.

Assigning retail items to your facilities

Once you have retail items set up in your Corporate Retail items, you’ll need to assign them to facilities that plan to carry them in stock before you can add them to a tenant's ledger or process sale transactions for them in your software. You can assign retail items to multiple facilities at once or to just one facility.

To assign retail items to facilities:

1. Click on the Facilities tab.

2. Check the boxes next to the facilities to which you’d like to assign retail items.

3. Click Assign Facility Retail.

4. The next screen will show you all retail items that are enabled for your facilities. To add or edit an item, select it from the Retail Item dropdown.

5. Select an option under Update Retail Items. 

  • Enabled and Disabled items: If you select this option, any updates you make to the item will be applied to both Enabled and Disabled items. Disabled items will become enabled.
  • Enabled items only: If you select this option, any updates you make to the item will be applied to Enabled items only.

6. Enter an Order point: The Order Point is the quantity at which you will need to reorder this item. For example, if you’d like to reorder when there are 10 of an item left, you’d enter 10 here.

7. Enter the desired Retail Price.

8. Select a Tax Type if the item is taxable.

9. Select an Account Code.

10. Click Update Facilities to save your changes.

Keeping track of retail inventory

As you sell retail items, your software will keep track of how many items you have left in inventory. From time to time, you may have to make adjustments to your inventory. To adjust quantities from your Corporate Retail items settings:

Access the Adjust Quantity tab.

Select a retail item from the dropdown at the top of the screen. All facilities that carry that item will be listed.

Enter the quantity of items you’d like to add to inventory for each facility.

Click Save.


Selling retail items during online move-ins via the Rental Center

If you offer contactless move-ins via the Rental Center, you don’t have to miss out on retail sales. You can sell your retail items in the Rental Center and place purchased retail items in a customer’s unit, which they can retrieve when they first access their storage unit. This is a great way to ensure that your tenants have an easy way to purchase the type of lock that is preferred for your facility. 

To sell retail items in the Rental Center, you’ll need to check the Sell in Rental Center box when adding or editing individual retail items, and choose a category for each retail item. This helps your tenant find the retail items they’re looking for when they’re completing their online move-in.

To ensure that you don’t sell retail items in the Rental Center that you don’t have on hand, you can define your Corporate Rental Center settings to disable the sale of retail items that you don’t have in inventory. To do so:

Navigate to your Corporate Rental Center settings tab.

Select Online Move-ins.

Select the Yes button next to Disable sale of retail items that do not have sufficient inventory.

Expand the facility dropdown and select the facilities to which you’d like to apply the setting.


Click Save.

After you've enabled this setting, retail items that have less than one unit in your software's inventory will not show as available for sale in the Rental Center.


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