Managing expired insurance

Your software has the ability to keep track of insurance expiration dates to ensure that both you and your tenants can prevent any lapse in their insurance coverage. Whether your tenants purchase insurance from your business (aka store insurance) or use a private insurance provider, it’s important to have this information on hand in the event that you need it. When your tenants use private insurance providers, it can be challenging to keep track of their details. However, as long as you consistently gather details about tenants’ private insurance, you can easily automate notifying tenants when their insurance is expired or will be expiring soon.

If you use store insurance through a provider integrated with storEDGE, such as Storsmart or Bader, you will not need to keep track of policy terms because everything will be done for you through the payment provider API.

This guide will provide insight into:

Keeping track of expired private insurance

Using the Task List

When your tenants use private insurance, you’ll need to gather details about their policy, especially if you require tenants to have insurance at your facility. An easy way to do this is to edit your Required Fields at move-in to require insurance details.

As long as a tenant’s insurance expiration date is on file, your Task List will notify you when a tenant’s insurance has either expired or will expire soon. You’ll be notified the day that a tenant’s insurance expires and when a tenant’s insurance expires within the next 30 days.


When you click Insurance Expired or Insurance Expiring, the tenants it applies to will populate. Clicking a tenant’s name will take you to their tenant page so you can contact them to get the information you need.


Using the Insured Tenants Roll Report

The Insured Tenants Roll is a report that gives you details about all insured tenants at your facility. You’ll find the Private Insurance section at the bottom. You can see all expiration dates for private insurance in the Insurance Term column with expired dates underlined in red. Additionally, you can see exactly which policies are expired by checking the Expiration Status column on the far right.


Notifying tenants

Your software has the ability to automatically send email and SMS notifications to your tenants when their insurance has expired or when it will expire in the coming month. A few things to know about email and SMS notifications:

  • Notifications for expired insurance will be sent the day of expiration.
  • Notifications for insurance that will be expiring soon will be sent when the insurance policy’s expiration date is 30 days away.

Via email

To automate insurance expiration emails for your tenants, make sure you make the following adjustments to your settings:

  • In your Tenant Settings, check the box next to Documents - Email documents by default for move-ins, move-outs, transfers, reservations and expiration events.

  • In your Documents and Emails settings, find the templates for Insurance Expired and Insurance Expiring and turn them On.



To automate insurance expiration SMS notifications for your tenants, all you need to do is access your SMS Settings and find the Insurance Expired and Insurance Expiring templates and turn them on. Once set, your notifications will automatically be sent.


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