Marketing Website Visitors and Source Report (Corporate)

The Marketing Website Visitors and Source report gives you a detailed view of your marketing website's traffic for all pages, helping you gain insight into how many of your website visitors are finding your website. This report is definable by date, allowing you to narrow down a specific time period's page views and sources.

This report can only be run from your Corporate Reports tab.


The report is separated into several sections:

Referrer: This column lists where website visitors found your marketing website. It shows referrers first for the site as a whole and then lists individual pages on your website. This gives you an idea if website visitors are finding you through search or through links in other places on the web.

Page Views: Your page views section shows you how many times a page has been visited. This section is separated into two columns: Total and Unique. Each time someone visits your website, it counts as a session, and within that session a user generates page views and unique page views. A page view is only unique when someone is viewing the page for the first time within a session. Your Total column will give you the total number of times a page was viewed. The Unique column will give you the number of times a page was viewed by the user for the first time. This helps give you an idea of how many times potential customers might be coming back to your website.

Sessions: The Sessions section gives you an idea of how people are viewing your website. It is separated into Total sessions, Mobile sessions (from a mobile device) and Desktop sessions (from a home computer). This provides insight into whether or not your website is being viewed when people are searching for self storage at home or on the go.

Users: This section gives you an idea about how many total users visited a page, how many of those users were new to the page, and whether they viewed the page via desktop or mobile.

Each of these sections is broken down each page on your marketing website and by each referral source. Subtotals are displayed for each page and at the bottom of each column, so this report can give you a detailed view of metrics for each page on your website and your website as a whole.



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