Printing a batch of documents

Although many facilities are moving toward becoming paperless businesses, having the ability to generate batches of documents to be sent out via physical mail is important. Not all of your tenants will have an email address (even in the digital age) and many of them might prefer to receive invoices and other documents by mail. Your software has the ability to generate and print multiple documents at once, saving you time.

How to print a batch of documents

If you’d like to print a multiple documents at once, first you need to ensure they’ve been generated in a batch. Doing so will create a PDF file that has all the documents you need to print together, allowing you to print everything you need from a single file. Your Task List will tell you if you have documents that need to be generated.

You can print a batch of documents that have been generated from your Communication tab. Just select the Print Batches tab. You’ll see all the batches of documents you’ve generated at your facility.


You can view which of your tenants will receive documents by clicking the batch number in the first column.

To print your documents, click View PDF next to the batch you’d like to print. A PDF containing all the documents you need to print will open.



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