SiteLink website integration FAQ

This FAQ is designed to help you navigate the SiteLink integration with storEDGE websites. We have a small library of guides to the integration on our help site. This FAQ will help you find quick answers to our most common questions about the integration.


Why aren’t my discounts displaying on my website?

Discounts must be enabled to show Everywhere within your Discounts settings in SiteLink Web Edition in order to appear on your storEDGE marketing website. We have a handy guide on our help site that will show you how to ensure your discounts appear on your website and how to enable strikethrough pricing when a discount is applied to a unit rate.

Facility Info

My office hours are not showing on my website correctly. How to I fix this?

You can update the office hours that display on your website from Store Information section within the Site Setup section of SiteLink Web Edition. Check out our guide on displaying facility info on our help site for more information. 

The map locations on my website are not accurate. How can I get this corrected?

You'll need the latitude and longitude of your facility's location to be accurate in SiteLink Web Edition in order for your map location to be accurate. To edit your location:

  1. Access SiteLink Web Edition.
  2. Go to Site Setup.
  3. Click Store Information.
  4. On the next screen, verify that your facility's address is correct. Then, click Update Longitude and Latitude from Address.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.

General Updates

How long does it take for updates to be shown on the website after being changed in SiteLink?

storEDGE will pull any changes from SiteLink at the top of every hour, so you can expect changes made in SiteLink to appear on your website within one hour, if not sooner.

Unit Details

There are units that are displayed on my website that I do not want displayed. How do I remove them?

If you don't want a unit to display on your website, you'll need to exclude it from your website from within SiteLink. To do so:

  1. Within SiteLink Web Edition, access Company.
  2. Click Modify Units.
  3. On the next screen, check the boxes next to the units you'd like to exclude from your website. Then, click Edit Selections.
  4. Check the box next to Exclude from website.
  5. Click Save to exclude the units you're editing from your website.



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