Using Rental Center 2.0 - for SiteLink users

What is Rental Center 2.0?

Rental Center 2.0 is an alternate integration between storEDGE (Storable) websites and SiteLink software. This integration differs from our first SiteLink/Website integration in that it offers a different Tenant Portal and move-in experience for customers and a different website units table that is highly conifigurable. This guide is intended for storage operators who are already using Rental Center 2.0 to provide insight into:

We have several other guides on our help site that aim to help you make the most of Rental Center 2.0 that we recommend you view as well. They'll help you learn more about:

How the integration works

Rental Center 2.0 offers a robust integration between SiteLink and storEDGE websites by providing a platform that not only efficiently passes data from SiteLink to the storEDGE website platform, but also gives you the opportunity to customize specific details before information is displayed on your website. The table below shows you how data is passed between the two platforms and what role Rental Center 2.0 plays in the integration.



Rental Center 2.0



Facility information (name, address, phone number) lives in SiteLink and and is sent to Rental Center 2.0.

storEDGE receives facility information and displays it on your website.

Unit info lives in SiteLink and is sent to Rental Center 2.0. 

storEDGE receives unit info and displays it on your website. 

Unit Pricing/rate functionality is entered and controlled in SiteLink and is sent to Rental Center 2.0.

Pricing information passes through Rental Center 2.0 and is sent to your website. Applicable discounts are applied. 

storEDGE receives unit pricing from SiteLink and displays it within the units table on your website.

Discounts live in SiteLink and are sent to Rental Center 2.0.

You can choose how discounts are displayed in your Rental Center 2.0 settings.

Discounted pricing appears on your website when an applicable discount is applied.

SiteLink receives reservations for specific units from the storEDGE website. These reservations show in the Lead to Lease area of myHub and on the bulletin board.

Reservations pass through Rental Center 2.0 to SiteLink.

Reservations take place on the storEDGE website and are sent to SiteLink. Reservations are attached to a specific unit.

SiteLink will receive leads that are not tied to a particular unit from the storEDGE website. Leads will have a fake unit number attached to them and be labeled as Web - Lead. You can find them in the Lead to Lease area of myHub, on your bulletin board, and in the Lead Funnel report.

Leads (soft reservations) are gathered from inquiries through your website’s contact form and marketing pop-up. They are not attached to a particular unit number.

The payment is sent to SiteLink and processed by SiteLink.

The Tenant Portal sends the payment to SiteLink through Rental Center 2.0.


A user logs into their Tenant Portal and  makes a payment.

Move-in information is received and processed by SiteLink.

The move-in passes through Rental Center 2.0.

A tenant clicks the move-in button on your storEDGE website and completes a move-in.

No information regarding calls is passed to SiteLink.


Calls on tracked phone lines originate and remain in storEDGE. No call information is passed to SiteLink.

No information regarding reviews is passed to SiteLink.


Reviews left on Voyager websites are approved or denied within storEDGE.

How to access Rental Center 2.0

You can access Rental Center 2.0 from your website’s admin. Just click the unit button with the arrow at the bottom of your left vertical navigation bar.


On the next page, you’ll find a vertical navigation bar on the left side of your screen. This is where you’ll find your Rental Center 2.0 settings.
There are separate settings pages for every facility that has a page on your website. 

To navigate between facilities or see which facility you are editing, check the top right corner of your screen. Here, there is a dropdown list of all your facilities that you can use to navigate between pages.


What can be customized in Rental Center 2.0?

Rental Center 2.0 allows you to customize various aspects of your units table’s appearance and functionality. From Rental Center 2.0, you can customize the colors on your units table in addition to discounts and pricing displays. Additionally, you can customize how your units are sorted in your units table, what information is gathered from customers at reservation and move-in, , and more from your Rental Center 2.0 settings. We recommend that you read our guide on Rental Center 2.0 settings to gain a thorough understanding of everything you can control through your settings.

You can refer to the image below and its legend for an understanding of how aspects of your units table map to your Rental Center 2.0 Settings. This will provide insight into how you can customize your units table to your preference.


Image Legend

  1. You can customize the colors on your space calculator and search bar in your Appearance settings. Additionally, you can set size thresholds (for example, what size is considered a Small vs. a Medium sized unit) in your Standard Unit Listing settings on the Settings tab of Rental Center 2.0.
  2. Rental Center 2.0 comes with a set of default images will automatically be applied to unit listings based on unit size and type. These images were carefully selected to give your customers an accurate idea of a unit’s size when they are selecting a rental.
  3. The unit size that displays on a listing comes directly from your unit details in SiteLink Web Edition. 
  4. If you have a discount applied to a unit, the public name of that discount will be displayed at the top of the middle column of your units table. You can customize this text in your Discounts settings within Rental Center 2.0.
  5. The middle column of your units table is where a unit's amenities will be listed. These amenities come directly from SiteLink Web Edition. What populates here comes from the fields that correspond to a unit’s floor and door type and the boxes that are checked in the Modify Units screen for a unit.
  6. This is your pricing heading. The unit price will populate here. If you have a discount applied to a unit, you can customize what appears here from within your Discounts settings. You can use tokens to populate discounted pricing from SiteLink here.
  7. Clicking this button begins the reservation or move-in process for your customers. You can customize the button text for your Reserve button in your Reservations and Move-Ins settings. You can also set a number of available units that will display a Call for Availability message instead of a reservation button. You can influence what displays here in your Standard Unit Listing settings within the Settings tab of Rental Center 2.0.
  8. There are two fields below your reservation button that you can customize within your Discounts settings. You can use tokens to populate information from SiteLink here. If a unit does not have a discount applied, this area will be blank.


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