Rental Center 2.0: Adding discounts to unit listings - for SiteLink users


One of the best ways to distinguish one unit from another on your website is to add descriptions for each unit type you have available to rent at your facility. Additionally, adding information about discounts and discounted pricing displays can make renting a unit even more attractive. This guide will instruct you how to add discounts to unit listings.

Adding discounts to unit listings

Any discount that you have set up in SiteLink that is configured to show on your website is eligible to be applied to any reservations or online move-ins through your Storable website. 

Your Rental Center 2.0 settings allow you to customize how your discounts appear on your units table. To customize how discounts are displayed, access the Discounts tab in the left side navigation in Rental Center 2.0. You’ll see all discounts that are configured to be displayed on websites listed. To edit how a discount is displayed, click Edit to the right of discount.

On the next page, you’ll see information about the discount as it has been entered in SiteLink under Discount Plan Details. You'll also see which unit groups the discount is currently applied to under the Discount Applied To heading.

You can customize the way the discount displays in the Custom Formatting section.


Custom Formatting

The Custom Formatting section of Rental Center 2.0 controls how discounts appear in your units table.

Background Color

If you'd like units with a particular discount applied to standout on your units table, you can select a background color for the discount. To do so, just click Select Color under Background color and select a color from the color menu.  


You have two options for selection how your discounted pricing displays:

  • Discount Modified Rate: This displays the discounted rate with a strikethrough the preferred rate. This will indicate to your customers that the rate displayed is discounted.
  • Non Modified Rate: This option will not change the rate that displays.


You have the option to use tokens to populate pricing calculations from SiteLink in these fields. The following SiteLink tokens are available:

  • {{DiscountRate}} - This will populate what the unit’s rental rate calculates to after the discount has been applied.
  • {{DiscountSaving}} - The number that populates will be the amount the customer will save when using the discount.
  • {{PreferredRate}} - This will populate the preferred rate. The rate that populates here will depend on what rates you have enabled in your software for this unit. Depending on your software configuration, this rate could be a web rate, a push rate, or a standard rate.
  • {{PrepaidAmount}} - This token will populate the amount that the tenant will need to pay at move-in to receive the discount. This token is best used when the discounted rate requires prepayment.
  • {{PrepaidSaving}} - This token will populate the amount the customer will save using the discount. This token is best used with the discounted rate requires prepayment.

Most of the details are located in the far right column of your units table. The image below of a unit listing display will show you which fields in your Rental Center 2.0 settings correspond to which aspects of your units table.


  1. Public Name: The public name of your discount appears in the middle column of your units table above the amenities list. If you do not enter a public name for your discount or if you do not have a discount applied to a unit, nothing will appear in this space.
  2. Heading - This field is the heading of your unit pricing. You can use a token to display the units pricing here or display other text if you choose. 
  3. Tooltip - The text you enter here will appear when a customer hovers their cursor over the tooltip next to the heading.  
  4. Primary - This field populates the area just below the Quick Reserve button. You can use a token here to show discount savings or any other text you’d like to display here.
  5. Secondary - This field populates the area below the Primary field. You have the option to use a token here as well.

You’ll also notice two checkboxes in your discount settings. These two settings allow you to modify your pricing. 

  • Checking the box next to Include ‘Per Month’ / ‘Per 4 Weeks ‘ / ‘Per Week’ will display the pricing model that you have configured in your SiteLink settings.
  • Checking the box next to Show Rates as Weekly will show only the weekly rate for the unit.


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