Rental Center 2.0 Settings - for SiteLink Users


Your Rental Center 2.0 settings give you a variety of options to customize your reservations and online move-ins, as well as a variety of operational tools like email notifications for reservations. Below you’ll find a list of settings that are available in Rental Center 2.0’s Settings tab and descriptions to give you insight into which settings may be beneficial to your business.

You’ll find your Settings tab in the left side navigation of Rental Center 2.0. You’ll find several categories of settings within this section.

General Settings 

  • Country: Select your country here.
  • Language: From here, you can choose to default your website to English or determine the language based on the customer’s browser settings.
  • Use E-sign: This is where you can enable e-sign for the move-in process.
  • Force Tax Inclusive: Checking this box forces prices generated to display the taxed amount.
  • Currency Symbol: Here, you can select the currency that displays on pricing in your units table.
  • Billing Default: This settings allows you to select anniversary or first-of-the-month billing for online move-ins.
  • Size Symbol: You can enter here which unit of measurement you use to size your storage units. Example: ft, meter
  • Ground Floor: Here you can enter a number for the ground floor. For example, some facilities may call the ground floor Floor 1 where another facility may prefer to call the ground floor Floor 0.

Notification Emails

  • ‘From’ Email Address: You can enter an email address here to use as the sender for any outgoing reservation or email notifications for your customers.
  • Additional CC Email Addresses: The email address entered here will receive copies of all reservations and move-in email confirmations that are sent to customers. Many facilities choose to include a manager’s email address here to alert them of new reservations.

Standard Unit Listing

  • Hide Quick Search Bar: Checking this box will hide the search bar in your units table.
  • Show Vehicle in Quick Search Bar: Checking this box will make vehicles available in the Quick Search Bar.
  • Size Thresholds: Both the Small/Medium and Medium/Large size thresholds give you the option to enter square footage values that will sort your unit sizes so the appropriate size will populate when a customer is using the search bar to find a particular unit size.
  • Hide Units with Less than Min. Available: If you’d like to hide a unit group from your website when a specific number of units remain available in that group, you can enter that number here.
  • Unit Sort Order: From here, you can choose the order in which units will display when sorted. This gives you control over which units appear first in a search when several meet the customer’s search criteria. For example, if a search returns 5 units that meet the customer’s search criteria, they’ll appear in the order of precedence you select here.

Reservations and Move-ins

  • Allow Reservation: Checking this box will enable reservations from your website.
  • Allow Move-in: Checking this box will enable online move-ins from your website.
  • Limit days in advance for reservation: You can enter a number of days here if you’d like to limit how many days into the future that a tenant can reserve a unit.
  • Limit days in advance for move-in: You can enter a number of days here if you’d like to limit how many days into the future that a tenant can schedule their move-in. These numbers will populate in the reservation process. For example, if you enter 30 here, that information will be displayed at reservation:
  • Days in advance to start charging reservation fees: Here, you can control how many days before a move-in date that you will begin charging a reservation fee to hold a unit.
  • Days before expiring reservations: You can enter a number of days here before a reservation will expire if the customer does not complete a move-in.
  • Auto opt-in SMS for tenant: Checking this box will automatically opt tenants who reserve/move-in from your website into SMS. 
  • Quick Reserve Button Text: You can customize your Quick Reserve button text here.
  • Pay Now Button Text: You can customize your Move-in button text here.
  • Pay Later Button Text: You can customize your Reserve button text here.


The move-in wizard offers a single page for the customer to move in online with ease. This section enables you to customize what fields are included for the tenant to complete at move-in. Checking the box next to these settings will hide them during the online move-in experience.

  • Hide alternative contact: Checking this box hides alternative contact fields at move-in.
  • Hide insurance: Checking this box hides insurance fields at move-in.
  • Insurance required: Checking this box requires tenants to enroll in insurance at move-in.
  • Hide driver’s license: Checking this box hides driver’s license fields at move-in.
  • Hide driver’s license state: Checking this box hides fields for a customer’s driver’s license state.
  • Hide date of birth: Checking this box hides date of birth fields.
  • Hide state: Checking this box hides fields for a customer’s state.
  • Hide postal code: Checking this box hides fields for a customer’s postal code.

Marketing Survey

This section provides an optional marketing survey that you can provide at reservation/move-in. Checking the box next to Use Marketing Survey will enable the survey. 

The survey contains a default list of questions, which are listed here in your settings. You can use the Display and Required checkboxes to decide which questions you want to display on your survey and which questions are required.


  • Use auto-billing: Checking this box gives your customers the option to enroll in auto-billing at move-in.
  • Default auto-bill to checked: Checking this box defaults auto-billing to on for customers at move-in.
  • Turn off “send invoice’ in SiteLink when auto-billing selected: Checking this box will disable invoices from being sent to the customer when they’ve enrolled in auto-billing.

Allowed Credit Cards

Here, you can select which credit cards types that your facility accepts.



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