Adding a Facebook pixel to your website

These instructions apply only to our latest website platform.

If your business uses Facebook to display ads for your storage facility, adding a Facebook pixel to your website can help you track your website user's behavior. This allows you to target ads to users when they log into Facebook after they've already visited your website.

Adding a Facebook pixel

Adding the Facebook pixel to your website is simple. To do so:

  1. Follow Facebook's instructions on how to create your pixel code.
  2. Navigate to your website admin.
  3. Access the Settings tab by clicking the gear icon in the left navigation bar.
  4. Access the Analytics tab.
  5. Paste your 15-digit code in the field next to Facebook Pixel ID.
  6. Click Save

Once you've saved your Facebook pixel ID, it is installed on your website. You can use the insights you gain to target ads in Facebook


If you notice that your Facebook pixel isn't collecting data, we recommend that you double check that the pixel was entered correctly and does not include any extra characters or spaces. Your pixel ID should be 15 characters and will not include any special characters or spaces.


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