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Rental Center 2.0: Customizing unit features and amenities

You can customize which features and amenities are listed on a unit listing from your Rental Center 2.0 admin. Doing so allows you to provide details about your units that will be desirable to prospective renters. You’ll find the Unit Amenities & Features section in the left vertical navigation bar in Rental Center 2.0. From here, you’ll see a variety of unit attributes that are populated from SiteLink Web Edition separated into categories:

  • Unit Amenities
  • Floors
  • Entry Location
  • Door Type
  • Web Attributes

These attributes are populated from your Units Setup in SiteLink Web Edition.



Editing unit features and amenities 

To customize how your unit features and attributes appear on your unit listings, click Edit in the upper right corner of the Unit Amenities & Features section of Rental Center 2.0.


The next screen allows you to make customizations to how your amenities and features are labeled on your website in your unit listings. You’ll notice three columns within the Unit Amenities & Features settings:

  • Software Name: This is the name shown in your software for a feature or amenity.
  • Website Name: This is the name for a feature/amenity that appears on your website.
  • Visible: This column will tell you if a feature/amenity is visible on your website.

Hiding/revealing amenities

To hide a feature or amenity from your units table, use the toggle to the right of the amenities to disable it. You can use the same toggle to enable amenities that are toggled off. When the toggle is turned to Yes, the amenity will appear. When the toggle is turned to No, the amenity will not appear.

Rephrasing amenities

If you don’t want to use the amenity/feature description included in the Software Name column, you can enter a new label for any amenity in the field to its right in the Website Name column. Once you’ve saved your changes, any description of that amenity that you’ve added will be updated in your units table.


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