What is Auto-Protect? (Storable Insurance)

⚠️ Auto-Protect is available only for facilities that use Storable Insurance (Storsmart or Bader) as their insurance provider. 

Auto-Protect is a feature within storEDGE software that enables you to ensure that all occupied, insurable units at your facility are covered by some form of insurance. With Auto-Protect enabled, storEDGE will automatically enroll any tenant in your store insurance plan if they fail to provide your facility with proof of private insurance coverage within a grace period after move-in.

Auto-Protect provides you with everything you need to automate insurance enrollment for new tenants, including document management, customer communication, and billing.

How Auto-Protect works

1. Enablement

Auto-Protect is an optional feature, so you’ll need to enable it within your software settings. You can exclude specific unit types from insurance enrollment to ensure you don’t sell insurance plans for unit types that aren’t insurable. 

For instructions, read our article: How to enable Auto-Protect.

2. Move-in

When a tenant moves in online or in-person at your facility, they will be required to sign an Auto-Protect Agreement. It states that the tenant agrees to be enrolled in and pay for your facility’s insurance plan if they decline to purchase it at move-in and they don’t provide proof of private insurance within the 14 day grace period. 

For instructions about what to do at move-in, read our article: Moving a tenant in when using Auto-Protect.

3. Enrollment

storEDGE will send your tenant an initial email after move-in and a reminder email 7 days before they will be automatically enrolled in your store insurance. 

If the tenant does not provide proof of private insurance before the end of their grace period, the tenant will be enrolled automatically in your store’s lowest cost plan. The tenant will then receive an email confirming their enrollment with an attached brochure and Certificate of Insurance. The tenant’s first insurance payment will be prorated and added to their next bill. 

Submitting private insurance coverage

Tenants can submit proof of their private insurance coverage by clicking the link to our proof submission portal from our Auto-Protect emails and entering their insurance details. If they submit private insurance coverage policy information, they will not be enrolled in your store insurance plan.

The tenant's insurance information will be populated in storEDGE after it is submitted. See the Monitoring enrollment section of this article for instructions to view coverage submissions. 

📖 For more information about the documents a tenant receives as part of Auto-Protect, read our article: The tenant experience when enrolled in Auto-Protect. 

4. Monitoring enrollment

No additional action is needed on your part unless a tenant reaches out to sign up for a specific insurance plan. However, you can  keep track of insurance enrollment at your facility in several places:

Task List - You’ll receive an item labeled Invalid New Private Insuranceon your Task List. When you expand this section, you’ll see a list of tenants who are currently not enrolled in store insurance or haven't provided proof of private insurance, along with the date that they’ll be enrolled in insurance if they don’t provide proof of coverage. Additionally, you’ll receive a Task List item labeledMissing Insurance that will redirect you to theInsurance tab and show you tenants who will be enrolled the following day.

  • Invalid New Private Insurance: This Task List item shows you which of your tenants need to provide proof of insurance once more.
  • Missing Private Insurance: This Task List item shows you who will be automatically enrolled in store insurance the following day. It will also lead you to yourInsurance tab, which shows the insurance status of all of your tenants in one place.
  • There are several ways your Task List can help you keep track of private insurance expiration to help you keep every insurable unit at your facility covered. You can find instructions to update private insurance in our article: How to manage expired private insurance.

Insurance Tab- When you’ve enabled Auto-Protect, you’ll have a new insurance dashboard on the facility level of your software. The Insurance tab provides a filterable list of every tenant at your facility along with their insurance status and enrollment date. You’ll be able to filter this list by insurance status.insurance_tab.pngInsurance Status Report - Found in Corporate Reports, this report will show you all active tenants at your facilities and their insurance status.

Tenant profile - The tenant's insurance enrollment or private insurance coverage will appear on their tenant profile in the Insurance section. 

privant insurance tenant profile.png


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