Annual Revenue and Occupancy

The Annual Revenue and Occupancy report includes information about the total number of move-ins, move-outs, and revenue a facility or group of facilities had for the current year and previous years.

If you've used another facility management software in the past, you can request data be imported into this report for up to 10 years before you started using storEDGE. Importing past data can provide a more complete picture of your revenue and occupancy trends, including from the time before you started using storEDGE.

You can access the report from your Corporate Reports tab or Facility Reports tab under the Financial heading.

At the Corporate level, you can run this report for all facilities or for a group of facilities. Once you select the facilities you would like to view from the dropdown menu, click Generate Report.

annual revenue and occupancy.png


If you click View in the Link column next to a facility's name, the more granular facility-level report will open. You'll see a breakdown of monthly revenue, quarterly revenue, and monthly move-ins and move-outs for that facility for the current year to date and previous years.





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