Delete sent or received media files from SMS/Email

If you have the correct permissions, you are able to delete media files that may be a compliance risk to some tenants from SMS and email communications. 

Change Your Permissions:

If you have access to the Corporate account, you may manage who is able to delete either sent or received media files for each facility. 

An individual user’s permissions are managed within the Role they are assigned. In order to update an individual’s permissions, you will have to update their permissions within their Role. 

To note, all changes made within Roles will be reflected in every person assigned to that Role. if you would like to create a different set of permissions for different users within that group, you will need to create a new Role. 

In order to edit permissions within Roles, start by navigating to Settings within your corporate account. This can be found on the left navigation bar.


Select Roles from underneath the User Management header.


Once in the Roles section, select Edit next to the role you’d like to edit. 


Scroll down to Per-facility permissions, underneath the Advanced subhead. You will find these settings near the bottom of that section.


Select the permissions that fit what you would like this role to do. 


Delete Media Files

Once you have these permissions set in the roles you’d like, you will now be able to delete received or sent media files from email and SMS communications. 

You will be able to delete media files at the facility level.

Switch to the facility of the media file you’d like to delete. 

Navigate to the Communication tab on the left side navigation bar. 


You will now see a trash bin next to images or attachments within your email and SMS messages found within this facility. 


Should you want to delete an image, click the trash bin next to the image or media file you’d like to delete. A pop-up will appear. 


Select “Yes, delete” to remove the attachment or media file from the conversation. 

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