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storEDGE What's New: 2022

December 8, 2022

Delinquency Schedules page updates

  1. We made each Delinquency Schedule name a link to the Edit screen for that Schedule.
  2. We added the date the schedule was last edited under each schedule name.
  3. We moved the facility count for facilities associated with a Delinquency Schedule to next to the schedule name to make it clear how many facilities are using the schedule.
  4. We replaced the Edit button with a pencil icon. Please note: The functionality of the button has not changed.
  5. We added an option to delete unused delinquency schedules. You can find the Delete Schedule button by clicking the ellipses icon for a Delinquency Schedule set. Please note: The schedule cannot have any facilities associated with it in order to delete the schedule.


Lead Notifications entries

We resolved an issue that was preventing the Lead Notifications page from displaying new entries in some cases.

November 29, 2022

Dashboard chart updates

To make the storEDGE Facility Dashboard charts more clear, we’ve updated colors on the Leads chart so that each color is now assigned to a lead type. We also added a legend to the Units chart

Communication preferences 

We updated the Communication Preferences opt-in labels on the Unit Transfer screen from Marketing Emails to Mass Emails. This change makes the wording consistent with wording we use elsewhere in storEDGE.


Successful document upload confirmation

We added messaging to the Move-In modal to confirm when a document has been successfully uploaded.


Rental Promotions pagination

We updated the number of promotions on Rental Promotions pages to ensure each page has the same number of promotions (the last page may show fewer).

November 15, 2022

Link to the template used in the Mass Emails historical view

We’ve created a link to view a PDF of a previously sent Mass Email’s template within the FMS. 

📖 Learn more on Mass Email here.

To view which template was used for a mass email, navigate to the Communication tab from within your FMS account. This can be found on the left side navigation bar. 


Next, navigate to the Emails tab from the tabs on the upper right of the screen, then select Mass Email below that. 


From there, you will be able to see a list of previously sent Mass Emails, organized by batch number. To see the historical template of a Mass Email, click the View button found furthest to the right of its line item.


You will be directed to a PDF of the email template that was sent when this batch deployed. 

Print Mail task notification if email fails to send

If you have set up Print Mail for a delinquency stage and selected Send Email first with Letter Backup, you will now see a task notification that lets you know the email failed to send and the letter needs to be printed and mailed. 

📖 Read more about setting up delinquency stages.


⚠️ This does not apply if you use Mail House, as letters would be sent automatically. Learn more about Mail House.

November 8, 2022

Document replacement validation

We added validation to make sure replacements are entered correctly in document templates and work as intended in your documents and emails. If you enter an incorrectly formatted replacement, you will see an error message when you attempt to preview or save the document.

Move-In modal exit confirmation
We added confirmation messaging when you click outside of the Move-In modal to make sure you don’t accidentally close the modal while moving a tenant in and lose any data you have entered.
Credit Card Expiration task
We removed the star from "Credit Card Expiration" in the tasks list so that only tasks you have marked as important have stars next to them.

November 1, 2022

Confirmation of Mailing

We have released Confirmation of Mailing, which provides evidence that you have mailed a letter to a tenant using the US Postal Service. The evidence provided contains details, dates, and data on when the mail was sent. It is paired with a time-stamped, tamper-evident PDF copy of the mailed document and any relevant supplemental USPS documentation. 

If proof of delivery is not necessary for your use case, Confirmation of Mailing provides a cost effective way to confirm your mail was sent and to have legal backup for auctioning activities. 

Read our article on Confirmation of Mailing for more information.

Phone calls not being tied to a tenant’s profile

We fixed an issue where phone calls were not being tied to a customer's account. We have since resolved this to ensure the tenant's name is listed and the call is attached to their tenant profile. 

Read our article on The Communication Tab for more information on how to track phone calls in your sE account.

October 18, 2022

Non-Recurring Scheduled Increase Plans

We’ve updated the verbiage for Scheduled Increase Plans on the Yield Management tab. The option that was previously referred to as Customizable, is now called Non-Recurring. The purpose of this update is to clarify the difference between Recurring and Non-Recurring increases. A non-recurring increase plan is a one-time rate increase that does not automate additional increases in the future. 


📖 Read more about scheduled rate increases for occupied units.

Operating Days Disclaimer replacement field

We’ve added a new replacement field: [disclaimers.operating_days] that can be used to add a disclaimer statement to delinquency templates. It can be used to reduce legal risk if the delinquency letter’s dates conflict with your facility operating days.

The replacement field displays the following text: 

"unless such date is a day on which your storage facility does not generally 

conduct such business (such as, possibly, a weekend or public holiday) in which case, it shall be the next business day thereafter." 

📖 Read more about replacement fields and editing templates

Two-Way Texting composition modal improvements

We’ve updated the Two-Way Texting composition modal to better align content and allow content to fit within the modal without scrolling horizontally.

Mail Usage Report

We resolved an issue that was causing totals in the Mail Usage Report not to be calculated correctly.

Report sorting order

We made an update to sort reports alphabetically at both the Facility and Corporate level of your software. 

October 11, 2022

Rent Rate Before Discounts replacement field

We’ve added Rent Rate Before Discounts as a replacement field that can be included in documents. It can be used to populate the monthly rate that a tenant would pay without a discount. For example, if you offer a length of stay promotion that requires the tenant to sign a rider acknowledging the terms of the discount, you can add the Rent Rate Before Discounts to the document to populate the rent rate they would pay without the discount.

The new replacement field can be added to a document template at the Corporate level of your software from the Ledger section of available replacements.


📖 Read more about replacement fields and editing templates

Editing Web Rates from Revenue Management

We resolved an issue that was causing an error when attempting to edit Web Rates from Revenue Management.

October 3, 2022

Promotions as a document condition

You can set tenant documents to be generated under a number of conditions. We are adding Promotion as one of the conditions so that required documents can be signed by the tenant when a promotion is applied to their rent. Learn more in our article: Conditional documents


Error message when transferring a tenant

We resolved an issue that was causing an error message to appear in the Finalize and Add Additional Items section when transferring a tenant with a promotion.

“Payment Returned” ACH reversals

We resolved an issue that was causing an error when attempting to reverse ACH payments via the "Payment Returned" method.

September 27, 2022

Communication Blackout Periods

You now have the ability to set blackout periods for your automated SMS and email communications. This means that your customers will not receive communications during a time frame specified within your settings. 

By default, SMS Communication Blackout is enabled from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. (your facility’s time zone). This means that automated text messages will not be sent to your customers between 12 a.m. and 8 a.m. You have the option to adjust that timeframe, disable the blackout period, and add email to the blackout period.

If you would like to adjust your communication blackout settings, you can find instructions in our article: Communication Blackout Settings.

August 30, 2022

Insurance: Additions to sE Task List

We have separated Insurance Exempt units from normal Insurance Expiring task items into two separate tasks within the task bar for Storable Insurance (StorSmart/Bader) users using Auto-Protect. 

📖 Check out our article on Auto-Protect.

Previously, the task list section for Expired/Expiring insurance would show tasks for any unit meeting the criteria regardless of their store insurance exemption status. We have since separated these tasks into two new items within the task list: (Unit Exempt) Insurance Expired and Insurance Expired



This update allows you to easily see which tasks are for units that are insurance exempt and which units aren’t in the separated task list items (Unit Exempt) Insurance Expired and Insurance Expired. This prevents units that are insurance exempt from being hidden within insurance related reports, as they often were previously.

August 23, 2022

Mobile Navigation

We have created a more intuitive mobile navigation, which allows you to create a more mobile-friendly experience for customers using your Storable marketing website. 

This includes adding a more condensed, mobile friendly navigation option, signified by the three lines (hamburger menu) highlighted below.


After clicking on the hamburger menu, the menu expands to fill the screen.


Sub navigation items will fill the screen as soon as you click the caret to the right of their respective menu item.


The back button at the top left of the screen will bring you back to the previous menu.


August 9, 2022

Allow Partial Payments Checkbox

You now have the ability to disable partial payments in the tenant portal so tenants cannot exit delinquency without paying their full amount due.

We’ve created a new checkbox “Allow Partial Payments” within the General section of the admin area. 

This box will be checked by default, meaning if you would like to continue allowing partial payments, no action is required.


If this box is selected, the tenant will see this within their Tenant Portal.


If you would like to no longer allow partial payments, you can now uncheck this box. By default, this is selected, so if you would like to stop allowing partial payments, you will need to uncheck this box. 


If Allow Partial Payments isn't selected, tenants will see this within their Tenant Portal. By unselecting Allow Partial Payments, tenants will no longer have the checkbox option Add money to account.  AllowPartialPaymentsOffTenantView.png

August 2, 2022

Edit military information post move-in

If a tenant’s category is set to Military within their tenant profile, you are now able to edit military information after the move-in process. 

In order to set a tenant’s category to Military, select Edit Tenant to the right of the General Information header.231C4864-BDC5-4D2A-B41C-2B905342D4A4_4_5005_c.png

Select Military from the Category dropdown.


Scroll down and click Update Tenant at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the tenant’s information page, where you will see (Military) next to the tenant’s name.


You will also see a table titled Military Information below the Contacts table.


If you would like to edit anything within this table, click Edit Military Information on the top right of this table. A pop-up will appear where you are able to edit the information found within this table.


Click Save when you are done.

For more information on tenant information, check out our article on Tenant Profiles.

July 26, 2022

File Upload Required checkbox

We have added a File Upload Required checkbox to all delinquency action steps. This allows admins to require a file upload on steps within their delinquency schedule before a user is able to proceed.

⚠️ To note: this is available for all tasks unless they are automated actions.

When setting up a task as an admin, you’ll see the File upload required checkbox within the task editor. There is also a tooltip, which explains this action can not be completed unless a file has been uploaded if this option is selected.


Once this checkbox is selected, you will see the alert shown below on any non-automated action that requires a file upload within your delinquency schedule.


The Complete button will also be greyed out until the file has been uploaded. 


For more information on setting up tasks within your delinquency schedule, check out our article on Setting Up Delinquency Stages

July 19, 2022

New permission to access payments tab

In order to protect your business's financial performance, we have hidden the payments tab within the Billing section by default. 

Currently, a user will only have access to Sent Bills or Autopay within the Billing page unless they are given permission to access the Payments tab.


Without the correct permissions, a user will not be able to access the payments tab unless you enable this new permission within their Role. 

Giving a user permission: In order to give a user permission to the payments tab, navigate to Settings within your Corporate account.


Select Roles from underneath the User Management header.


Find the Role associated with the user who needs permission.


Scroll to the bottom of the Basics section until you see View payments tab in Billing, right above the Advanced section.


Once the user has this permission checked, their Billing page will look like this.


July 5, 2022

Rentable checkbox has moved

We have moved the location of the Rentable checkbox within the Edit Unit page.

In order to make a specific unit rentable within your FMS account, navigate to Settings.


Select Units.


Click the Edit button next to the Unit you'd like to make rentable. 

You will be directed to a page to edit the unit you've selected, and you will see this Rentable checkbox at the top of the screen. 


May 24, 2022

Corporate Search

You are now able to search tenants, invoices, and units across all Facilities within your Company, no matter your permissions. This is an easy way to identify what tenant or invoice belongs to which Facility.

For more information, please refer to our article on Corporate Search

Additional Lien Holders

You are now able to add an additional lien holder to a tenant’s profile after they have moved in. This feature can be found in a tenant’s profile on the General tab, at the bottom of the Rentals table. 


For more information on lien holders, please refer to our article on Tenant Profile.

April 19, 2022

Corporate Delinquency

Our Corporate Delinquency feature allows you to more easily manage delinquency schedules over multiple facilities in less time. When used properly, Corporate Delinquency empowers you to manage and configure your delinquency schedules for multiple facilities across your portfolio in a single motion.

You may also share delinquency settings across facilities by selecting a representative schedule for other locations to be assigned to. Once those facilities are added to a single schedule, any changes to the schedule will automatically apply to the facilities using that schedule. This will allow you to hold all facilities within the same state to the same standard, for example.

For more information, read our article on Corporate Delinquency

April 5, 2022

Delete Media Files and Attachments

You may now delete media files and attachments from sent or received SMS or email messages. 

In order to do this, you will need to change your settings from within your Corporate account. 

From within your Corporate account, select Settings from the left-side navigation bar. 


Select Roles from underneath the User Management heading. 


Select Edit next to the role you wish to have this setting. 


Scroll to Per Facility Permissions, underneath Advanced Settings. You will find these permissions near the bottom of the list. 


Once checked, switch to your Facility account and navigate to your Communication tab found on the left navigation bar. 

You will now see a trash bin next to media files within the Email and SMS tabs. Should you wish to delete media files, click on this trash bin. 


📖 For more information on Roles, check out this article

Historical Delinquency

You will now be able to see a tenant's previously delinquencies, signified by Blue text within their tenant ledger. 

In order to see both past and current delinquencies, navigate to the Tenant tab from the left navigation bar within your Facility account. 

Select the tenant whose delinquencies you'd like to view. Once on their page, select the Delinquency tab from the top right navigation. 


If you would like to see Past Delinquencies, select Past Delinquencies. You will then see Past Delinquencies, signified by blue text. 


📖 For more information, visit our article on how to set up delinquency stages

March 8, 2022

New "Vacant" Filter

You may now filter to see which units are available at your facility.

 In order to use this filtering option, navigate to the Units tab located on the left-side navigation bar.


Once in the Units section, select the Groups tab on the table’s top-right navigation bar.


You will then see a list of all units, of all statuses, populated within the table. 

To view only vacant units, click the Status filter dropdown and select Vacant.


February 15, 2022

Custom Company Name Breadcrumbs

If you use the Custom Company Name setting, we've made a change so that this will now populate using breadcrumbs across your website.


The Custom Company Name setting setting allows you to customize your company’s name within the footer of your website as well as on the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages. 

To start, click on the Style tab found on the left navigation bar. 


A Branding pop-up will appear. Toggle “Allow Custom Company Name” until it appears green. Once you do this, an editable Company Name field will appear below. 


Add the company name you would like to use within this field.

February 8, 2022

Lien Holder Email Address Field

We've added an email address field to the Lien Holder Information screen so lien holders can be more easily contacted in the event of a delinquency.


View MMS Media in New Tab

We’ve added the ability to open media in a new tab when sent and received by text message. By clicking a button next to the media, you will be able to see sent or received media expanded in a new tab. 


📖  Learn more about two-way texting

Display Insurance Documents on Rental Center

We're adding a new field on Rental Center to pull in insurance documents for your tenants to review during the move-in process. Read more here.


📖  Learn more about Rental Center

New API Data–Date of Birth

We've added the tenant Date of Birth field to the storEDGE API.

January 25, 2022

Length of Stay report

We’ve added a new report that allows you to see how long your current and previous tenants have rented at your facility and which lead source the customers came from. This report can help you analyze which lead sources produce the longest-staying tenants. 

📖  Learn more about the Length of Stay report. 

Move-in total mismatch

We’ve resolved an issue that caused the move-in total on some of our customer's websites not to match the move-in total in Rental Center.

Accessing tenant profiles

We've resolved an issue that was causing users to be unable to access tenant profiles.

January 18, 2022

Include an e-sign link in two-way email

We've added the ability to include an e-sign link in two-way emails so you can easily collect signatures on tenant documents when a unit has unsigned e-sign documents attached to it.

To add an e-sign link to a two-way email, click the new E-Sign button in the toolbar of the email composer.


Select the e-sign document you’d like to include. If the tenant has more than one unit, you will also need to select which unit the document applies to. Please note: Only units with an unsigned e-sign document will be available to select.

Add text to the Link Label field to be used as the text for the hyperlink.


Click Insert. You will see the link added to the body of your email.


Insurance Status Report

If you are a Storable Insurance customer and use Auto-Protect, you can access a new Corporate level Insurance Status report. The report shows all active tenants at your facility and their insurance status: Facility Insurance, Expired, Expiring, or Invalid.

You can find the Insurance Status report on the Reports tab under the Insurance section in the Corporate area of your software.

January 4, 2022

Follow up task creation for reservations

We’ve added a new setting to the Corporate area of your software that allows you to configure the date you receive a follow up task after a reservation is made through the API. This can help you contact a lead about their reservation at the right time.

The setting can be found by navigating to Settings and then Software Settings. Then, click Settings under the Lead section.


To enable the setting, click the Yes radio button. Select the number of days after a reservation is placed for the follow up task to be created. Click Facilities to expand the menu and select the facilities you would like to apply the setting to. Click Save when you are done.

Move-In KPI report

We have made a new report available to show you the most commonly used Key Performance Indicator metrics all in one place. The report shows the following data on both a Corporate and facility level:

  • Move-ins
  • Move-outs
  • Net units
  • Insurance enrollments
  • Autopay enrollments
  • Retail sales
  • Total discounts given 

You can find the report by navigating to Reports from the left sidebar of your storEDGE software. Expand the Management section and select Move-In KPI.

Notes count on the Past Due Tab

The Notes count on the Past Due tab will now update automatically when a new note is added. 


Preliminary Lien Notice replacement terms

We resolved an issue that caused the system-generated preliminary Lien Notice to contain an incorrect replacement term in some circumstances.

Duplicate tenants on the Rent Roll report

We resolved an issue that caused duplicate tenants with incorrect insurance plans to be shown on the Rent Roll report.

Monthly totals in Rate Change letters

We resolved an issue that caused an incorrect monthly total to be shown on Rate Change letters.

NSF amounts on the Payments by Type Detail report

We resolved an issue that caused incorrect NSF amounts to be shown on the Payments by Type Detail report


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