What's New: 10/18/22

Non-Recurring Scheduled Increase Plans

We’ve updated the verbiage for Scheduled Increase Plans on the Yield Management tab. The option that was previously referred to as Customizable, is now called Non-Recurring. The purpose of this update is to clarify the difference between Recurring and Non-Recurring increases. A non-recurring increase plan is a one-time rate increase that does not automate additional increases in the future. 


📖 Read more about scheduled rate increases for occupied units.

Operating Days Disclaimer replacement field

We’ve added a new replacement field: [disclaimers.operating_days] that can be used to add a disclaimer statement to delinquency templates. It can be used to reduce legal risk if the delinquency letter’s dates conflict with your facility operating days.

The replacement field displays the following text: 

"unless such date is a day on which your storage facility does not generally 

conduct such business (such as, possibly, a weekend or public holiday) in which case, it shall be the next business day thereafter." 

📖 Read more about replacement fields and editing templates

Two-Way Texting composition modal improvements

We’ve updated the Two-Way Texting composition modal to better align content and allow content to fit within the modal without scrolling horizontally.

Mail Usage Report

We resolved an issue that was causing totals in the Mail Usage Report not to be calculated correctly.

Report sorting order

We made an update to sort reports alphabetically at both the Facility and Corporate level of your software. 


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