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Managing Chargebacks with the storEDGE Payment Portal (Payment Processing by storEDGE)

⚠️This article is applicable to customers using Payment Processing by storEDGE to process payments.

A chargeback is a disputed charge initiated by a cardholder. You should log into the storEDGE Payment Portal weekly to view any chargebacks you’ve received so you can choose to dispute any that are invalid. You can also set up email notifications so you are notified when you have a chargeback. 


Receiving Chargebacks Notifications by Email

1. To begin receiving chargeback notifications by email, you’ll log in to the storEDGE Payment Portal with the username and password that you created when you applied for Payment Processing by storEDGE

2. Click Email Alerts from the left sidebar under Admin.


3. Click the Chargebacks tab and toggle on any chargeback email notifications you’d like to get.chargebacks.png

Viewing your chargebacks

  1. Log in to the storEDGE Payment Portal with the username and password that you created when you applied for Payment Processing by storEDGE.
  2. To view chargeback data for a single facility, select the facility from the drop down box in the top left. Click here for instructions to view chargebacks for multiple facilities.
  3. The Notifications button will include a red number icon if you have new disputes. You can also access your disputes by clicking Disputes from the menu on the left side. chargeback1.png
  4. Once you click the Disputes button, you will see all open chargeback disputes. This is where you will act and be allowed to respond/contest OR accept liability. Click on the dollar amount of the transaction you would like to take action on.chargeback2.png
  5. Once you click on the dollar amount, you will see the Transaction Details screen below. You will see three buttons:
    1. Respond (Disputing a Chargeback)
    2. Accept Liability
    3. Mark as Unread -  this button will make sure that the dispute is marked Unread to alert you next time you log into your portal.

Disputing a Chargeback

  1. Click Respond on the chargeback you wish to dispute.
  2. Input the contact name, note, and attach a document such as a receipt or signed invoice, if available, as proof of a legitimate transaction.
  3. Click Submit Response

Accepting Liability for a Chargeback

  1. Click Accept Liability. Clicking this button means that you accept responsibility and the disputed funds will be returned to the cardholder.
  2. Click Confirm
  3. Return to your storEDGE software and go to the tenant ledger by clicking on the Tenants tab on the far left of the screen, select the tenant, and click the Ledger tab.
  4. Click the Reverse button next to the individual line item payment associated with the chargeback.
  5. On the Reverse Payment screen that displays, select the Credit Card Chargeback option.|

    Selecting the Credit Card Chargeback option will void the payment, reopen the original invoice, and, optionally, add a chargeback fee (read more about setting up fees on the Fee Settings article) to the tenant ledger. Using the chargeback option in storEDGE does not affect your merchant account or the tenant's credit card. However, it is important that you complete this step so that your software reflects the changes that have been made in the storEDGE Payments Portal.


Viewing Chargebacks for Multiple Facilities

  1. Log in to the storEDGE Payment Portal with the username and password that you created when you applied for Payment Processing by storEDGE.
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Reports and then select Create Reports
  3. In the box labeled Select Report, choose Disputes. In the box labeled Report Date, select a range of dates you wish to view chargebacks for. We recommend selecting a wide date range. In the box labeled Filter By, select Users and then select a user who has access to all facilities in the dropdown box that appears. Click Generate Report
  4. Once you click the Generate Report button, you will see a list of all facilities and number of open, closed, won, and lost disputes for the time period you selected. Click on a line to see more information about the dispute. From there, you can respond or accept liability. See our instructions for Disputing a Chargeback or Accepting Liability for a Chargeback


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